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12/16/12 2:17 PM
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27 years old, 9-2, on a 7 fight winning streak




In June, he beat then undefeated prospect, Mikael Silander, 

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In Semptember, he destroyed Vadim Zhlobich......despite losing a big chunk of his ear during the fight. 



*at 5:54 you see him check it before going for the submission

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Last month, he won the gold at the 2012 Combat Sambo World Championships


12/16/12 2:19 PM
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And today, he beat Andreas Bernhard (7-2) 



12/16/12 2:21 PM
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and heres a link to an article from earlier this year saying his main goal is to become the ufc champ



12/16/12 2:23 PM
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wait a minute, he might already be in negotiations




- As far as we know, are now negotiating with the UFC.

- Yes, Fight Nights - Well done. Conducted serious negotiations, and in early summer will sign a contract. Until the summer, I intend to spend a couple of fights. My record for more than 20 wins, but my official record of 5 wins and 1 loss. And you have to spend at least another two or three fights. My main goal - is title UFC. I would like to please their fans belt UFC. I've been striving for this. I believe in our strength and that all will be well.


- Is your favorite fighters in mixed martial arts? Maybe for someone else equal?

- Align with our Russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko. For several years, he may be said, did not let anybody breathe. I like him as a fighter. He's very cool. I also like the American Randy Couture.

12/16/12 2:27 PM
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and heres another comment "We are friends with Ali Bagautinov and spoke to him recently, he is ''good to go'' to the UFC but he wont sign just yet cuz he wants to compete in 1 more combat sambo world championship. If everything goes well he should be in the UFC sometimes later at the end of this year."


well, mission accomplished


12/16/12 3:03 PM
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Good news
12/16/12 3:58 PM
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The Russians are coming....
12/16/12 4:01 PM
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Still need to sign Montague/Mamoru, Pantoja, Santella etc.
12/16/12 4:20 PM
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Wow that slam on Zhlobich is amazing.
12/27/12 9:34 AM
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RileyPust - Wow that slam on Zhlobich is amazing.

crazy right

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Bagautinov is fun to watch and an absolute beast. Finnish flyweight prospect Mikael Silander (8-1) gave him a good fight in june and I think Silander will end up in the UFC in the next couple of years
12/27/12 12:39 PM
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But did he win Hip Show? Phone Post
12/27/12 12:48 PM
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Wolverines!!! Phone Post
12/28/12 12:47 PM
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Wow, can't wait for this guys UFC debut! Phone Post
12/28/12 1:16 PM
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these russians and their slams... incredible.  They need to come to the states, learn what's missing and open up gyms back home.

12/28/12 4:04 PM
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kawz1 - The Russians are coming....

Hopefully. MMA needs more then just the US and Brazil producing top level talent consistently
12/28/12 4:15 PM
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RileyPust - Wow that slam on Zhlobich is amazing.
I'd like to see him in the UFC too. That was a fuckin awesome fight! Phone Post
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1/9/13 11:19 PM
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VTFU for sheer WOW factor...

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DojoJay - 

VTFU for sheer WOW factor...

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