UnderGround Forums UG fitness accountability challenge 2013!!

12/23/13 11:49 AM
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Haven't been to gym in 3 weeks... Lol... Fucking fat boy!! Grinding on the bike now! 2014 is gunna be my year!!! Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 10:52 AM
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Merry Christmas, gents! Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 2:58 PM
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FETT_TFK Captain America UGCTT - Merry Christmas, gents! Phone Post 3.0

What I did there.. Did u see it? Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 3:13 PM
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Today we Eat!!

Merry FEASTMAS Phone Post 3.0
12/25/13 8:30 PM
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UGCTT_SidRival -
FETT_TFK Captain America UGCTT - Merry Christmas, gents! Phone Post 3.0

What I did there.. Did u see it? Phone Post 3.0
Hahaha! VTFU! Phone Post 3.0
12/31/13 9:48 PM
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Much respect to all who stayed on track... I'm getting back on it hard (beep) in 2014'

Congrats Sid.. You really did things this year!

Hope 2014 is a great year for all! Phone Post 3.0
12/31/13 10:29 PM
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In for 2014!!
Happy New Year to all!!!
1/1/14 8:37 AM
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I had an epic night of partying! I watched 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo with my girl, and went to be by 9, haha! No alcohol or shitty food, so that's a plus. Phone Post 3.0
1/1/14 5:24 PM
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War TAH! Was a hell of a year. Thank I Pescy I didn't make it as far as I wanted to but I definitely had a majority of small victories! 2014 is gonna be the year of Rival. Ready to get my business crackin and my clients lean and mean! Will post a thorough year end review with pics a little later. Happy New Years guys! New thread coming soon :) Phone Post 3.0
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Over the course of 2013 there were many ups and downs. In and effort to be more positive I've decided only to focus on what went right. This past year, I became a healthier person again. I weigh less than I did when the year began, I finally landed a secure job I enjoy, and I went back to school after 11 years off and obtained my certified personal trainers certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I did not meet my goals as far as what I wanted the scale to say or be able to take an ammy fight like I had hoped but I think I did myself one better by succeeding with what I mentioned above. I'll take a fight this year regardless of what weight it has to be in and I'm more focused and ready than ever before. I found myself this past year and this thread had a lot to do with helping me with that. Thanks to all who participated, be it one post, a text message, a PM, email exchanges, or sending me samples of ur favorite local organic soy based aminos lol. I appreciate everyone that contributed in any way. 2014 is going to be a huge year for me and hopefully the rest of team All Health! Cheers to all!

Scale says there's only a 4 pound difference. Picture says that so much more than that has changed. Phone Post 3.0

1/3/14 12:22 AM
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Posts5035FightsWatched0 - Well 2013 didnt go the way I hoped for. But, i did lose 15 lbs over the Holidays to end the year. I go back to work tomorrow and start a whole new year. Thanks to and vtfu to Pescy, and Captain for the encouragement and everything.

Sid you get a vtfu and a special thank you, for taking time and helping me out. It means alot.

To a New Year and Better Year!!
BOZY! Phone Post 3.0
Anytime my man. Hope this year is the one that does the trick! U can do it dude. I know u can. Phone Post 3.0
1/8/14 10:23 AM
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Fitness thread 2014 edition is officially up and running gents!!

http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/t/UG-fitness-accountability-thread-2014/2273774/?page=1 Phone Post 3.0