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1/4/13 9:16 AM
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For any of you guys that might be interested in what's going on over here, Your MMA are running a series of articles from the top gyms and promotions in the UK on their 2012.

First up is Gym 01 - home to UFC fighter Phil Harris and many of the country's finest midget fighters!

2012: A Year In Review - Gym 01

(The Gym 01 MMA Squad. Image via Little Red Creative)

Stay tuned if it sounds like your bag - there's plenty more to come.

1/7/13 10:59 AM
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A Year in Review - Trojan Free Fighters

Home of UFC fighter Che Mills, Bellator signee Mark Godbeer and TUF star Bradley Scott.

1/8/13 10:25 AM
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2012: A Year In Review - Tillery Combat

Wales' #1 fight team, Tillery Combat!

1/9/13 5:38 AM
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A Year In Review - AVT Fight Team

Yorkshire's #1 pro fight team, with a bunch of UK and European ranked guys.

1/9/13 9:44 AM
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A Year In Review with Scotland's #1 fight team, the Dinky Ninjas

1/10/13 9:21 AM
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Ireland's #1 fight team, SBG, have the likes of Gunni Nelson, Conor McGregor, Chris Fields and Cathal Pendred. It was some year for those guys!


1/16/13 6:56 AM
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Spartan Gym is home to UFC heavyweight Phil De Fries and TUF finalist Colin Fletcher. They're a bunch of nuts, this one is worth checking out!

2012: A Year In Review - Spartan Fighting Arts