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9/8/13 11:51 PM
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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma City police officer and MMA fighter is in critical condition Sunday night.

Officer Matt Grice was off duty when he was hit from behind at a red light in Pottawatomie County. He's undergoing brain surgery Sunday night at OU Presbyterian.

Grice is a graduate of Harrah High School and was a highly recruited wrestler. He graduated from OU and is currently signed with the UFC featherweight division.

Please keep the Grice family in your thoughts and prayers Thank you
9/8/13 11:53 PM
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My best wishes goes out to him and his family ! Phone Post 3.0
9/8/13 11:54 PM
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Wow :( he and his family could use some prayer right now. Phone Post
9/8/13 11:57 PM
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Horrible to hear.  Hope he recovers.

9/8/13 11:57 PM
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Sending good thoughts your way Matt. Youre a tough man, you will pull through. Phone Post
9/8/13 11:58 PM
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Hang in there Grice

9/9/13 12:03 AM
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Vibes Phone Post 3.0
9/9/13 12:10 AM
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Horrible news, hoping for a full recovery. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
9/9/13 12:11 AM
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Best wishes.

9/9/13 12:12 AM
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Oh no... awful news. I hope for a full recovery.
9/9/13 12:14 AM
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Hope he recovers fully. Phone Post
9/9/13 12:16 AM
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Hope everything is okay get better soon Phone Post
9/9/13 12:26 AM
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Any details?

9/9/13 12:32 AM
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Damn, get well soon. Phone Post
9/9/13 12:33 AM
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Ugh. Horrible. Was the other person drinking? and were they apprehended? Just because someone is in a car should not be looked at with the "oh it was an accident" mentality it seems to allow for in alot of society. Txting, drinking, etc should be looked at if proven as negligence similar to....I'm just going off. Sorry.
Prayers to his family and of course to Matt. Horrible.
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The latest I've heard is that he has a brain bleed and is in surgery, I'll update if I get any details.

9/9/13 12:44 AM
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As someone who believes in the power of collective thought, I'm just gonna ask everybody who reads this thread, no matter what you believe, to just take a second and wish like it was Christmas eve for Matt's health and speedy recovery. 

It won't hurt ya, I promise! But what if it helps?

I wish Matt Grice the best possible outcome from this. Right now I'm asking the whole F-ing universe for his good health and most complete recovery from this crisis. My best wishes, Matt!

9/9/13 1:15 AM
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Prayers for Matt Phone Post 3.0
9/9/13 1:17 AM
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Oh man...Pull through Matt!
9/9/13 1:18 AM
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Thoughts with him and his family.... Phone Post 3.0
9/9/13 1:19 AM
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Terrible news. He and his family are In my thoughts for sure.
9/9/13 1:19 AM
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Terrible news, thoughts go out to him and his family, hope he recovers Phone Post 3.0
9/9/13 1:25 AM
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Hope he has a speedy recovery!!

Horrible news. Phone Post
9/9/13 1:42 AM
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You can pull through Matt we're prayin for ya Phone Post 3.0
9/9/13 1:42 AM
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Hope he recovers! Thoughts are with him and his family. Phone Post 3.0