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- There is a new president in Bellator: Bjorn Rebney was replaced by your old acquaintance Scott Coker. Did you contact him? Are you planning to cooperate and hold co-promoted events?

- Of course, we have already talked, and I have congralutat him on his new position. We'll possibly find common grounds. I beleive it would be interesting to hold a co-promoted Bellator / M-1 event, for example, once a year. In a format of five ?-1 fighters versus five Bellator fighters. I'm sure our guys would do good as they are high-level fighters. Actually, we are already in negotiations with Polish KSW promotion. May be, such event will be held with this organization. But I will most certainly propose it to Coker. Previous Bellatir president completely ignored all our letters, didn't want to contact us, gave us a hostile reception, was in litigation with us all the time. But Coker is an experienced entrepreneur, business man and good person, that is why I think that we would find something in common.



9/2/14 8:51 AM
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Vadummy. Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 9:11 AM
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If Bellator signs a deal with M-1, they are as good as dead.
9/2/14 9:17 AM
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bellator in russia would be kinda cool
9/2/14 9:18 AM
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Didn't the partnership with M1 basically kill Strikeforce? Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 9:19 AM
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Bellator needs more one dimensional, low level Slavic kickboxers.

9/2/14 9:22 AM
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Hahaha. M1 by Dim Mak death punch. Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 9:23 AM
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This guy always shows up when there is money to be made off of piggybacking.

9/2/14 9:24 AM
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This can only mean one thing, Fedor vs. Kimbo! It's coming Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 9:24 AM
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Would be cool if it gets Fedor out of retirement. Not sure who he could fight though.
9/2/14 9:31 AM
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If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much - Would be cool if it gets Fedor out of retirement. Not sure who he could fight though.
It might but who would he face? We would still never see him fight in the UFC against the people he should be fighting Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 9:34 AM
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What the hell would Bellator get out of this? Fedor is irrelevant when it comes to the HW landscape, and as interesting as it would be for him to come back, Bellator doesn't have any intriguing fights for him.

Sure, they'd probably get increased European/Russian exposure, but the US is the biggest mma market and they still need to focus on that.
9/2/14 10:16 AM
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Only spots on Fedor's record were last few in Strikeforce. I doubt he will come running back just because Coker is with Bellator. Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 10:29 AM
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They'd bring someone in with a bit of a name who was Taylor made for fedor to smash. Some past his prime former big name. Maybe cro cop or someone like that. Or set up the couture fedor fight finally. Both guys would be interested I'd say Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 10:46 AM
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How did M-1 kill Strikeforce? Can anyone enlighten me Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 10:48 AM
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I don't think they would have fedor fight. Probably just other Russian fighters Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 11:11 AM
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Fedor vs Tito. Make it happen. Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 11:13 AM
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Is this when they start listing the favorable matchups they'd want to have? Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 11:18 AM
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This is when the extortion starts to happen. Maybe Bellator will build M1 a stadium.

9/2/14 11:20 AM
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TheImmortalStocktonSlap - How did M-1 kill Strikeforce? Can anyone enlighten me Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't say it killed them, but it was a contributing factor. Read what Mike Afromowitz, a top ST exec, had to say in an interview.

Encarnacao: The M-1 Global co-promotional deal to bring in Emelianenko saw M-1 take 50 percent of revenue of shows he fought on, and it didn’t seem the rights fees from Showtime would cover anywhere near the costs.

Afromowitz: I can’t go into details for obvious reasons, but I think you get the picture. I think it was a deal that made it very difficult to be profitable from. So getting Fedor from a branding perspective was huge, and that was a risk that was, at the time, necessary to take. That was the biggest acquisition we had made as a company. Right away, signing Fedor put our company, put Strikeforce, in that many more households. Just the name Strikeforce -- it got out there. The same [thing happened] with Herschel Walker, signing Herschel Walker. Those are ... there are certain names that when you attach yourself to, it just elevates your brand and it takes things to new level. And, so, it’s an investment that, at the time, seemed like an investment that was necessary.

9/2/14 11:34 AM
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Are they any relevant fighters for m1?? They dont even have the crazy muslim russians fighting for them any more.... Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 12:55 PM
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Im glad coker said he is willing to copromote with anyone and is going to try his best to build the bellator brand... im sure he has learned from the mistakes made in strikeforce in chopping off an arm and a leg to get fedor. At this point in time i dont see anyone that is relevant from m1 thatll help bellator... maybe copromote with them to get frodo a fight and get on better term with him??? Thats about it for me
9/2/14 1:15 PM
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Uh oh, time for Coker to pay Vadim's "protection" fee. Phone Post 3.0
9/2/14 1:16 PM
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maybe fedor will do a 2 0n 1 match vs Tito and Rampage?
9/2/14 2:35 PM
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Co promotion will benefit M-1, and not Bellator. Given that their only own marketable commodity is retired, M1 needs to donate talent to Bellator at their cost to establish a western fanbase and recognition for some products. M1 continues to overvalue their product and looks to piggyback on the established brand of a western partner just to benefit them back home.