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2/12/13 11:54 PM
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"Werdum is ranked higher and beat Bigfoot."

Since Werdum beat Bigfoot, which wasn't exactly an undisputed decision win, both guys stopped Fedor, Bigfoot beat Overeem, Arlovski, and Browne, while Werdum beat Nelson and Russow. Bigfoot lost to Cormier and Cain while Werdum lost to Overeem.

They're fairly even imo. 

2/13/13 12:28 AM
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I hope JDS comes with fire in his eyes and fists and Shoryukens Overeem into a living death Phone Post
Edited: 2/13/13 12:33 AM
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Im not paying for this shit. If they had played it right they wouldn't have to keep doing rematches in a year or less