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2/13/13 8:27 AM
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Work on the duel between Luke Rockhold and Vitor Belfort had a happy ending. As TATAME found, the organization will hold the UFC fight in the next edition of the event in Brazil, expected to happen in April.Belfort x Rockhold, which will give the winner a chance at the middleweight belt, will be the main fight of the show.

The Rio de Janeiro to host once again the UFC. The "Marvelous City" faces competition from Brasilia to host the new show event in the country.

Last January, Belfort dispatched Michael Bisping at UFC Sao Paulo, sending the Englishman to the canvas with a beautiful high kick in the second round.

Owner belt category at the now defunct Strikeforce, Rockhold will make his debut in the UFC octagon. His last fight was in July last year, when he defeated Tim Kennedy for points and successfully defended his belt for the second time.

2/13/13 9:03 AM
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love this fight

2/13/13 9:33 AM
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Great opportunity for Luke as Brazil has some sweet surf to catch.

Luke via UD in the octagon and on the waves.
2/13/13 9:56 AM
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What a dreamy fight Phone Post
2/13/13 9:59 AM
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Carne de cavalo é o melhor -  What a dreamy fight Phone Post

Sexyama as special guest referee?
2/13/13 10:00 AM
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2/13/13 10:02 AM
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I got Rockhold on this one. Will put the screws to Vitor, clinch him, put him on his back, pound on him, and tire him out.
2/13/13 10:10 AM
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Great fight but mind telling me when this fight will happen?

Fuel 9, TUF Finale, Fox 7, UFC 159 take up every Sat in april so when exactly is this event?

Are tehy gonna do a weekend with a Friday/Sat event back to back? I thought they realized Friday events suck and they moved away from Friday to Sat?

Why not save this fight for an FX card in May?

2/13/13 10:22 AM
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New TRT Vitor wins by ko late in fight Phone Post
2/13/13 10:53 AM
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Winner is no. 1 contender Phone Post
2/13/13 11:37 AM
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Wow, tough first fight for Rockhold.  

2/13/13 1:19 PM
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epwar - 

Wow, tough first fight for Rockhold.  

i agree but he was begging for it.

interesting fight
2/13/13 1:36 PM
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epwar -

Wow, tough first fight for Rockhold.  

Well, he was the champ. Phone Post
2/13/13 1:51 PM
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It sucks that Rockhold is going to lose his UFC debut. Vitor is on a different level. Phone Post
2/13/13 2:42 PM
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Wow... Someone deleted my post because I said Vitor is getting an unfair advantage by fighting in Brazil and being able to use TRT.

Damn, one of you guys just cost Kirik 30 bucks a year! Phone Post
2/13/13 2:44 PM
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Nucky - 

lol rockhold is gonna get KO'd in his first ufc fight haha.

i wouldnt bet your life savings on that if I were you ...

2/13/13 2:51 PM
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This card wont happen in April imo, they are saying second quarter, no date given.

They are doing TUF Brazil finale in June, why would they go to Brazil in April/May only to go back in June?

This fight will probably be on the Fight Night/TUF Finale in June with Werdum/Nog and possibly SHogun/Lil Nog.

That will be a sick ass card if they did that.
2/13/13 2:55 PM
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Rockhold by Dec
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Fight in Brazil = opportunity to use TRT for Belfort considering he's not getting a TUE in Nevada

The UFC is really testing the strikeforce crossovers with tough fights in the upcoming events..

Rockhold v Belfort
Couture v Pierson
Mousasi v Gustafsson
Lawler v Koscheck
Josh Thompson v Nate Diaz
Jordan Mein v Dan Miller
Possibly Saffedine v Maia

If they do as well as the strikeforce guys in the last event the UFC will have some serious egg on their face.
2/13/13 2:58 PM
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Good that Rockhold gets the chance to get his belt back in his first UFC fight Phone Post
2/13/13 3:01 PM
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Awesome fight. Good test for both: see if Rockhold can hang with the big boys in UFc, see if Vitor really has turned a corner and can make a run at the title again. Phone Post
2/13/13 3:02 PM
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hilarious how all of vitor's fights are now out of the states so he can roid
2/13/13 3:05 PM
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Yi wee dancet Phone Post
2/13/13 3:12 PM
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Overseer got owned by BCE -  It sucks that Rockhold is going to lose his UFC debut. Vitor is on a different level. Phone Post

lol, NO

Rockhold should actually win this.
2/13/13 3:13 PM
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but it should be very competitive