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Master Rafael Cordeiro from Kings MMA Talks about upcoming fights from his students Wanderlei Silva, Fabricio Werdum, Jake Ellenberger and Babalu Sobral. Wanderlei tko a guy around 1:30 mark and sends his mouth piece flying around the 3:10 mark. The old Wanderlei is back to avenge his UFC Brazil loss to Vitor 14 years ago.  
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 check out wanderlei going H-A-M 
5/1/12 6:21 PM
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He looks sharp but there's a big difference between landing shots on a skinny white kid leaning against the cage compared to Belfort. I'm just afraid his chin is going to fail him again Phone Post
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 I thought this thread was about Tru getting TKOed by Wandy. I'm kinda disappointed now.
5/2/12 1:17 AM
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 "i got to see Wand spar with Gilbert yvel.. that was fucking insane."

Sounds about right, lol.
5/2/12 1:51 AM
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Thanks for the vid tru Phone Post
5/2/12 1:53 AM
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EEKS - Tru, when you drove Rafael to the gym did he call shotgun?


he told me the actual story off camera.  pretty crazy man; brazil is kind of nuts.  He said until a week ago he never knew about the gun part.  Confirmed he slapped Anderson and then Anderson came back later with two guys.  Anderson was a white belt and this was 17 years ago; before he was a martial artist and the man he is now.  No grudge, no hard feelings nothing bad said.  Cordeiro said he hadnt given it a second thought in 17 years.

although he did say "thank god" about Anderson not coming back with the gun...
5/2/12 2:01 AM
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That first 15 seconds where wanderlei is
Flailing around punching like someone that has never boxed a day in his life is the reason he loses a lot lately. Phone Post
5/2/12 2:17 AM
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i see some slop that vitor is gonna clean up with sharp technique

5/2/12 2:19 AM
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 Wanderlei will come correct when he's facing Vitor, I hope!!
5/2/12 2:27 AM
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 Very cool interview!! Thanks for posting.  I agree with him that the hard training is great to simulate the fight but I hope they aren't going full tilt all the time or there are going to be waaaaay too many scrambled eggs in there.
5/2/12 2:48 AM
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I hope its a war Phone Post
5/2/12 2:51 AM
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I have always liked Wand and as much as i want him to win it is not going to happen because his chin has gone and Vitor will win by ko in the 1st round
5/2/12 2:56 AM
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Would love to go train there. Wish I could afford it. Phone Post
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Really want Vanderlei to win since Wandy has the purest warrior spirit but what is in vid makes me nervous. Vanderlei seems to be practicing a lot of his brawler style Boxing-like he plans on beating Vitor by out boxing him. Vitor is a natural when it comes to punches and naturally has the right rhythm and body movement for punching. Vandy is an aggressive fighter, but I really don't see him bullying and overwhelming Vitor with punches. If he tries I think he will get countered pretty badly.

If Vandy tries to set up a rhythm for outboxing Vitor I don't think it's likely he can win. Vitor only looses when a fighter mixes it up and throws him off his rhythm; he doesn't adapt well and starts to second guess and overthink what he thinks he should do. Whenever a fighter tries to establish a rhythm to out strike Vitor, Vitor gets in comfort mode and wrecks people as soon as they flinch. Give Belfort that predictable punching range and he'll find an opening.
5/2/12 9:02 AM
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bonedtillidie - Thanks for the vid tru quote]
5/2/12 9:36 AM
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Who the fuck tries to analyze the Vitor fight after watching 30 seconds of Wand brawl sparring with skinny white kids. lolololol you guys are too much sometimes.
5/2/12 9:55 AM
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Aural_Apocalypse - Who the fuck tries to analyze the Vitor fight after watching 30 seconds of Wand brawl sparring with skinny white kids. lolololol you guys are too much sometimes.
Umm everybody on this forum is am expert duh Phone Post