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7/7/13 1:49 PM
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Was Anderson Silva disrespectful?


Chris Weidman had a strategy - use his wrestling to pressure Anderson Silva for every second of every minute of every round, and take an opportunity to finish if it came. In the first round, Weidman's strategy played out precisely - Weidman took Silva down, did some damage, and when an opportunity appeared for a submission, he went for it.

Anderson Silva had a strategy - use head games to draw Chris Weidman into a stand up fight, and knock him out. In the second round, Silva's strategy played our precisely, for a while - Anderson Silva goaded Chris Weidman into willfuly standing with him.

But you don't know for sure what is going to happen in mixed martial arts, which is why you have the fight. After it was over, Weidman talked about Silva's showboating.

“You kind of have to prepare for it," said Weidman. "Anderson Silva does that, and he tries to get into people’s heads."

“[I told myself] not to get frustrated and to believe in myself and just keep moving forward. I was telling myself to throw my punches to get to my takedowns, but it got to a point where he was putting his hands down and kept talking where I said, 'I’m going to punch this guy in the face right now.'

“I told myself to go after him. I believe in my standup. I do great with really good standup guys. You hear everyone say, ‘Don’t stand up with Anderson Silva. It’s the wrong game plan.’ But I said, ‘Screw it. This guy is opening his mouth, and I’m going to try to shut it for him,’ and I got him.”

MMA fighters characteristically throw a 1-2 1-2 combinations, which plays into Anderson Silva's astonishing head movement.

However, Weidman employed some new math, throwing a 1-2-weird 2-3.

It worked famously.

In addition to all Weidman did right, there is what Anderson Silva may have done wrong to consider.

Before the fight, Weidman said "he'd be a fool not to respect me as a fighter." It seems like a slam dunk that what happened Saturday night is a cautionary tale - Anderson Silva did not respect Weidman, got too cocky, and paid the heavy price in front of millions.

It is not that simple.

At the post fight press conference UFC president Dana White was asked if Anderson Silva's antics were disrespectful.

"Fans came here to see a fight," said White. "They saw a pretty good fight tonight. Is it disrespectful? I don't know.

"It's fighting. How the hell do you disrespect somebody in a fight?

"I'm going to try to punch you in the face and knock you out. I'm going to try to kick your leg off. And if I grab your arm, I'm going to take that off. And I'm going to strangle you if I get your neck. But I don't want to disrespect you??!?

"I think what Weidman did to him is pretty damn disrespectful too."

White did add that Silva was not likely to showboat in the rematch.

"I can almost guarantee you, and make a promise," said White. "I really doubt you will see that kind of fight again."

If Silva had knocked out Weidman in the second, the fans would have, once again, been shocked and awed. Silva would have received extraordinary, overwhelming praise from all quarters of the planet, Long Island excepting.

It didn't work this time. Anderson Silva is, like all humans, human. But just because Silva lost once, there is no need to go back and criticize a strategy that has worked and amazed for so long, and indeed was working prefectly, until, this once, it didn't.

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Got what he deserved. Phone Post
7/7/13 1:54 PM
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ahahaha..i was going to do the same thread!
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Yes I think he was being a tool right from refusing to touch gloves to acting like an idiot every time Weidman hit him. It was the ultimate justice. He deserved it for that awful performance he put us through against Damien and again for acting like a total fool during this fight. I don't feel a bit of remorse for Anderson Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:56 PM
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Yes, for the amount of time he carried it on, especially against Maia.

Fedor, GSP, now those are completely classy guys and very respectful to their opponents.
7/7/13 1:58 PM
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No, he was stupid and arrogant Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 2:03 PM
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he looks like a baby throwing a tantrum
7/7/13 2:04 PM
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No Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 2:04 PM
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No. He was being Anderson Silva. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 2:06 PM
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caposa - No. He was being Anderson Silva. Phone Post 3.0

Agreed and it finally came to where he wasnt able to pull it off.

Its about the decline of Anderson Silva AND the rise of Chris Weidman.
7/7/13 2:19 PM
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He was stupid man, what the hell was he thinking?! Weidman deserves it completley, he didnt buckle to the taunting. Ridiculous taunting by anderson Phone Post
7/7/13 2:24 PM
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Silva no hespect Widemen?
7/7/13 2:41 PM
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He was getting way too impressed with being to pull that off over and over. For the sport's sake I'm glad he was stopped and now has to fight offensively again to beat WEidman

7/7/13 2:48 PM
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Was he disrespectful??? hmmmm good question...
or was it marketing???

weigh-in....put his face on weidmans to intimidate

touch gloves at beginning of fight....Weidman tried to and Anderson did not extend his arm to do so

silva was making a mockery and calling weidmans punches weak by acting to be wobbled and then tapping his jaw to hit him again

silva then put his arms out to show theres a crowd here and lets put on a show..

was it to get in his head? was it to say im ready for a challenge and getting bored of the same ole thing? was it to entice Weidman to move in and counter?
perhaps silva didn't like the way he was taken to the ground and manhandled to an extent, so quickly, so he begged for the standup..

At the end of the day, some things can be seen as disrespectful, but its also a fight.. his respect came at the end when he called Weidman the best. one thing is for sure; the booing at the end was disrespectful when silva took the mic...
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badboyhere - At the end of the day, some things can be seen as disrespectful, but its also a fight.. his respect came at the end when he called Weidman the best. one thing is for sure; the booing at the end was disrespectful when silva took the mic...

This really made me sick. The true disrespect came from the fans in that arena.


7/7/13 2:52 PM
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yes he was disrespectful, and he paid for it.

It doesn't matter if it's strategy, it's still being an asshole.

Look at a guy like sean avery in hockey, he annoyed the shit out of other teams, talked a lot of smack, and was effective for it, but everybody hated him.

7/7/13 2:54 PM
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imo ando was trying to keep the fight standing with his taunting, he was trrying to avoid weidiman fighting like chael

7/7/13 2:59 PM
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Everything Silva does is disrepsctful. He's clowned Forrest, Bonnor, Maia, Cote ALL OF THEM in the cage.He has danced, He's played banjo, moonwalked, not shown up at pressers, refused to promote fights, kiss fighters in the cage, kiss fighter at weigh ins, turn his back on SOnnen at the weigh ins--I could go on and on.

For the last two weeks every time I was checking my Yahoo fantasy baseball teams, I had to endure a looping GIF of Silva clowning James Irvin and Forrest while promoting "The perfect fighter meets the Perfect storm". He did the same 'put his hands down by his side and rotate bullshit (which in itself is disrespctful and taunting) like a bowling pin, but this time, thank God-he got clocked. I hope it chipped a couple of his disrepctful teeth...
7/7/13 3:01 PM
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My thinkiing is that Anderson Silva is a boss of bosses and had this all mapped out.


If he could showboat and try to get loose and go alpha mode and beat the shit out of Weidman, that's what would have happened.


If he started showboating and trying to get loose and Weidman could really beat that, then Weidman deserved to take it.


AS's class, doing the closing interview in English even though he got booed, and the respect he showed leads me to believe that even though Weidman crushed him, he only did so because AS decided it was time to be crushed.


When asked about a rematch he said fuck off and let me relax for a while and let him be champion for a bit.


Classy as fuck.


Anderson Silva has pissed me the fuck off before with his antics, but tonight I got a little choked up and might have even had tears in my eyes when he gave his close.


He's in charge of himself, like a fucking boss.


If he comes back great.  If he decides he doesn't want to and does other things, great.


Tell you what though, The Spider decides what's going to happen to the Spider. No one else.


Fucking alpha to the max, even in defeat if you want to call it that.  


God I love this game sometimes.

7/7/13 3:12 PM
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caposa - No. He was being Anderson Silva. Phone Post 3.0
< Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 4:11 PM
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For all the people saying that anderson's showboating is a 'strategy' to goad the opponent out of their game, and into his world -
if it is - i wonder if it is a strategy he will employ again in a future fight.

i notice he never could get that shit off with Chael - he knew what would happen - double leg - head on canvas - sweaty guy on top boxing his ears.
7/7/13 4:30 PM
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So much respect oozed out of both men from the get-go and I got choked up.


AS didn't want to touch gloves, but bowed.  Weidman was cool with that.


Big first round.  Bro bump and hugs.


Upset of the decade so far: I don't want a rematch right away and he deserved it.


This was like the classiest night of MMA since Royce Gracie.


Those who know, KNOW!  This is the best game in the world when done right.  


I literally cannot stop sucking dicks, and I literally cannot believe how much I enjoyed the fights tonight.


It's like old times, FFS!


Gobless us every one.

7/7/13 4:40 PM
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First off like most i feel as if Silva got what he deserved. But it is a strategy he uses.. whether it was disrespectful or not is really irrelevant. If Silva won (which he obvi has in the past) we'd be sitting here talking about how fucking amazing this fucker is and how we wish we could do the shit he does and blah blah blah.

and their is a huge difference between this fight and the damian fight. The fight with Damian he couldnt strike with Silva and couldnt take him down. So he was just standing there as silva basically fucked with him and treated him like shit and wouldnt engage at all. This fight, weidman didnt just stand there, he went after him and it wasnt like silva didnt swing either. Silva missed a shit load in the first round and the beginning of the second.. the movement of weidman was definately something silva didnt expect. I dont remember watching silva throw 5-6 punches and miss. he normally lands atleast half clean.

Honestly Silva has little to gain or lose here.. Hes already going down as the greatest to do it and he makes the most money.. So by him losing the rematch sets up such a money maker.

As for the superfights: lets be serious, Silva wanted nothing to do with Jones as jones is soo much bigger and stronger he would just put him on the ground and fuck his life up. and GSP didnt want to go to middleweight because if he lost to Silva his career would be basically over. There is a huge risk to fighting title for title. it normally doesnt work out for the person who loses.

Also, look at GSP.. hes not a young guy anymore. Hes getting up there in age and definately has looked shakey in his last 2 fights. with all these young guys coming up who just want it more. The ones at the top who are already successful will find it more difficult to stay there.

definately am looking forward to seeing a rematch though. If silva wants to fight this seriously no BS itll be a war.

7/7/13 5:08 PM
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Imagine if Greg Jackson were Weidman's coach

Greg:  Don't get drawn into his game! That's his game.  He's better than you there! Run! Stick and run! Run for your life!




7/7/13 5:46 PM
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