UnderGround Forums Watching just to see if Paul Harris holds on?

3/29/14 5:17 PM
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Anyone going to admit to watching WSOF tonight just to see if
Palhares holds on to the sub after the tap??

Hell i figure there's gotta be some hoping to see it.
3/29/14 6:26 PM
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I gotta admit, 90% of my interest in the fights tonight is whether Palhares works his *magic*, in whatever form that might take. Bizarre to me that UFC is above marketing a freak-show like that.
3/29/14 6:51 PM
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What station is it playing on? Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 7:22 PM
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wsof.com ... NBC Sports on the old caveman tube :)
3/29/14 7:26 PM
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I watch wsof anyway its great Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:18 PM
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Good fights so far. Brutal KO from Burkman. Guess we will find it in a bit if he screws up once again.
3/29/14 11:23 PM
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He kind of did lol
3/29/14 11:27 PM
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Perfer Et Obdura - He kind of did lol
Haha I thought so too Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:28 PM
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Definitely held it a little. Carl tapped, ref jumped in and held it a split second longer. Looked like he wrenched on it after the tap too. But it wasn't blatant Phone Post 3.0