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11/29/12 4:30 PM
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Weidman surgery successful, hopes return in 4 mos

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Undefeated UFC middleweight Chris Weidman underwent successful shoulder surgery Wednesday, and hopes to be back in training 100% in four months.

Chris Weidman @ChrisWeidmanUFC
Off to get surgery today.Excited to get this over with and get rehabbing and come back stronger then ever.Thanks for the support #godisgood

how long before you can fight again?

Chris Weidman @ChrisWeidmanUFC
I'm told ill be at 100 percent at 4 months if everything goes smoothly.

Ariel Helwani ‏@arielhelwani
Is it wrong that this made me laugh?   

11/29/12 4:48 PM
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hahaha, man he is wonked.

Pretty messed up that she's trying to put him on the spot while he's drugged and hooked up to monitering equipment, though.

I was in the "Silva should be fighting Weideman" camp, but Chris might need a warm up fight before taking on the champ after shoulder surgery.
11/29/12 4:50 PM
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Since that's his wife filming, I have kind of a funny random story regarding a family friend of Chris and his wife.....

Back when Facebook was brand new, it was my sophomore year in college, I would just randomly friend request hot girls from random schools that I didn't go to...

Anyways, this one chick I friended happened to go to Hofstra. Anyways, she was very very hot (Chris - incase you read this, her initials are BL and another clue is NY Jets).

So I would often look at her pics since she was so hot. I remember seeing Chris Weidman before he became bigtime or probably even got into MMA in some of her pics, since was/is friends with him. This is circa 2004/2005.

Neat story.
11/29/12 5:25 PM
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I will be SHOCKED if he is back to training in 4 months. I read he had a SLAP tear and depending on the size of it 4 months to be back at full strength is extremely optimistic.

For comparison purposes Rich Franklin, Anthony Pettis, and Diego Sanchez all had surgery on this same injury recently. Rich had the quickest recovery (I believe) and he was not back to training full speed until at least 6 months.

Hopefully Weidman can prove me wrong.
11/29/12 8:02 PM
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quick somebody tell Anderson it's safe to come back to 185 now.



11/29/12 8:18 PM
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Speedy recovery.
11/29/12 8:22 PM
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WWETopTeam -

quick somebody tell Anderson it's safe to come back to 185 now.



This could be a reverse Troll from Weidmann, waiting for Anderson to put his name in the hat, then Bam! Here comes a Healthy Chris Weidmann! Has there ever been a worse matchup in Championship fight history than Chris Weidmann is for Anderson Silva? Here is a guy whose style was created to defeat Anderson Silva. Chris is a wrestler with Sub defense which is Anderson Silva's kryptonite.
I wish I could vote you up a thousand times for this. lmao Phone Post