UnderGround Forums What happened to Dan Hardy?

1/9/14 5:33 PM
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I haven't heard anything about him besides the Peru DMT adventures. Is he still feel fighting? Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 5:35 PM
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Oh yeah I forgot hes has wolf heart or something. Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 6:16 PM
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Wolf ticker. Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 6:22 PM
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1/9/14 6:59 PM
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Nice! Long live the wolfman! Not Dan. Sorry Dan. Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 7:28 PM
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He's on the UFC UK weekly show next Tuesday. I guess we'll be getting an update on his situation. Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 7:30 PM
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Really hope he comes back.He seemed to have improved his overall game since that 4 fight losing streak.Seems like a nice guy. Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 7:46 PM
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Gfropr - I haven't heard anything about him besides the Peru DMT adventures. Is he still feel fighting? Phone Post 3.0

He came on my podcast 2 weeks ago and talks about what he's been to, his heart issues and more. He comes on at 101.39.

1/9/14 8:44 PM
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Back with Matt and Jeff doing TLC matches. Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 9:08 PM
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PETEY my heart!!! Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 10:14 PM
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Once GSP sat him down, he actually started coming off better in his interviews. Came to sort of like the guy. Hope his medical issues get cleared up.
1/9/14 10:15 PM
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Well, actually not "once GSP sat him down", because he did ride the "I survived 5 rounds with GSP so I rule" pony for a while, but AFTER that, he got cooler in his interviews.
1/9/14 10:55 PM
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In before Danthewolfman Phone Post 3.0
1/9/14 11:08 PM
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He was in someone's corner recently. Don't remember for who or what event though. Was good to see him active in MMA. Phone Post 3.0
1/10/14 12:56 AM
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I sat by him at the UFC on Fox in Seattle last July. I believe he's living in Vegas and taking it easy. Phone Post 3.0
1/10/14 1:01 AM
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I know hes planning on fighting thai boxing in Bangkok if he cant get back into mma
1/10/14 1:10 AM
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sounds like a great idea... fuck modern medicine and the best care you can buy... ignore it all and go box in Thailand.. makes perfect sense... RIP