UnderGround Forums What if the next UFC game was more like Skyrim?

10/15/12 8:48 PM
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I love both games and the thing about MMA is that it is a system that could easily be converted to a Role Playing Game format without much of a problem.


Newer RPG's like Skyrim have an amazing leveling system that would work brilliantly in an MMA game.


Your character levels through using skills.  Specifically, if you punch a lot, those punches will level more, or leg kicks, high kicks, double leg takedowns, etc....  You can only level and master a move through continuous use so your character/fighter would level naturally as you play him much like Bethesda has tried to do in it's Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.


What if your MMA game was more like this:


You create your fighter for career mode and he has attributes, skills and styles.


These all have "perks" associated with them that you can choose to take as you level up and qualify for them so you can focus more on things like cardio, combination punching, one punch KO power, or whatever else someone dreams up for a game like this.


In this kind of game you have to actually throw and land a punch for it's skill to start rising, same with any other move although submissions should gain points based on attempts and/or length of time attempted as well as bonus for successful tapouts.


RPG's are designed to allow you to custom build any kind of character from a juggernaut tank of a warrior to a slick, stealthy killer. 


MMA is very, very similar, hell, it's a sport full of nerds.  It's styles or classes with specific skill sets and moves within each discipline, break those down and you have an RPG/MMA game.


Of course it would be nice to make it more epic and allow you to travel to different gyms and cities and work up your skills through sparring sessions in different gyms, amateur or smoker events, grappling tournaments like NAGA or ADCC, boxing, kickboxing, whatever, let the character compete in all these things to build up their skills, experience and fame then utilize all these skills in the Octagon.


So basically, add a more epic scope and more playable character that we actively create and adapt and you will have a more playable and more importantly, replayable game that could in turn become something like an online MMORPG but as an MMA game with world wide rankings.


Just a thought.

10/15/12 8:50 PM
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Ttt for killing villagers in the next UFC game. Phone Post
10/15/12 8:54 PM
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Mike Litoris -  Ttt for killing villagers in the next UFC game. Phone Post

Hm, youtube challengers?

10/15/12 8:54 PM
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i think that's an awesome idea.
10/15/12 8:55 PM
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On a serious note, I like the idea dreamer. Phone Post
10/15/12 8:56 PM
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MrSmiff - i think that's an awesome idea.

If you saw a UFC game with a Bethesda logo on it and maybe even some help from Bioware, would you pay 59.99 for it?

10/15/12 8:57 PM
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I used to be a mma fighter like you, than I got a right hook to the face. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:00 PM
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great idea!

imagine the scenarios you could get into

fighting in dress shoes - sleeping on couches - getting beat on during Lions Den tryouts - going to Gracie garages etc
10/15/12 9:02 PM
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I think the problem is the UFC is running with traditional fighting game video game companies to make a game that is far from traditional fighting game types.


MMA is like a roleplaying game more than Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.


If you got some smart guys together that can really break the sport down by it's individual merits then let them work with some RPG nerd/game programmers with an epic scale in mind that would be great.


Why not an MMA game were you can become filthy rich and purchase/design your own property and mansion?  Maybe hire some bodyguards to keep Lindsay Lohan away.


Why not be able to go to the bar and get in a fight with the bouncer then get arrested, end up on the news and lose a couple of sponsors?


Why not be able to start as an amateur and maybe do an event for charity gaining you popularity and scoring you sponsors later.


Why not have an online arena where I can walk my fighter in, sit down in a chair and watch other people fight and maybe even get in line to fight myself or just chat with other fighters or train with them?


How about being able to create my own gym and fight team later when my fighter retires?  Instead of him becoming stale how about letting my retired fighters become trainers, coaches or cornermen to help out my up and comers?



10/15/12 9:06 PM
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I like the idea

10/15/12 9:07 PM
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MMA is very simliar to COD.

Naderhood gets his ass kicked in both.



10/15/12 9:09 PM
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JHR - 

MMA is very simliar to COD.

Naderhood gets his ass kicked in both.



Ouch man! The was low. Like an arrow to the knee low.


10/15/12 9:13 PM
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I'd just max out my double leg, cardio and sub defence.

-Jon Fitch. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:15 PM
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MMA is very simliar to COD.

Naderhood gets his ass kicked in both.



Gold. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:17 PM
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I can dig it. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:18 PM
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MrSmiff - i think that's an awesome idea.
This! It would be awesome. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:19 PM
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I came to this thread expecting something dumb. But am impressed. Its a good idea
10/15/12 9:21 PM
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DreamerMMA - 
MrSmiff - i think that's an awesome idea.

If you saw a UFC game with a Bethesda logo on it and maybe even some help from Bioware, would you pay 59.99 for it?

i don't know any of the stuff you said after the ufc game i don't play rpg games but your description was what sold me i would see what the game looked like and reviews from folks like yourself and go from there
10/15/12 9:24 PM
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JHR - 

MMA is very simliar to COD.

Naderhood gets his ass kicked in both.




10/15/12 9:26 PM
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Would be awesome. Thanfulky THQ isn't in charge any more, as with every new release career node actually got worse with less immersion into the role of mma fighter. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:26 PM
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Great idea, Holmes. Phone Post
10/15/12 9:29 PM
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That would be amazing Phone Post
10/15/12 9:30 PM
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bad idea. if its open world and one of the missions requires you to kill condit you will never be able to catch him. open world = he will just keep running.
10/15/12 9:48 PM
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Sweet using a sword in the octagon
10/15/12 9:50 PM
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Well, for those unfamiliar with Skyrim the leveling system for the game works like this.


There are 3 main attributes.  Health, Magic, stamina.   You can give these points when you level.


There are 18 skills, as you use these skills a meter fills up, when the meter fills that skill gains a level, when a skill gains a level your overall level meter starts to rise, when you raise enough skills up to level your character eventually gains a level.


Among all these skills are perks that can be reached.


For example, say you are playing a new guy and this is an MMA game.


So you level up and choose to put your perk point into your BJJ skill tree, you are level 15 out of 100 right now and have just opened up say...an armbar from guard or an oopa drill or something, so you take that and now you have that move, that move will gain skill on it's own as your overall BJJ skill rises or it can be a perk with a few levels of it's own for certain moves if one wishes to master them.


In Skyrim every skill is on a level of 1-100 and different character builds start with certain starting scores plus positive or negative effects based on race or in an MMA game's case, based on base style like Wrestling, BJJ, etc...


Another nice thing about Skyrim is you can be as involved and technical as you wish to be and can achieve quite a powerful character if you take care of all the little details but will do just fine with a big, strong dude with a hammer.


Maybe allow you to invest money as a sponsor into other fighters or businesses?


Maybe allow you to manage other fighters?


Maybe allow retired CAF's to become part of the regular weight class rotation so you can run into him again in career mode with another CAF on his way up the food chain?