UnderGround Forums What is Gaidojutsu?

3/13/11 10:29 PM
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I know it's Jackson's fighting system, but what does it consist of exactly?
3/13/11 10:37 PM
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it should be called Greg-Jitsu 
3/13/11 10:40 PM
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So if you have a black belt in gaidojutsu, you're just awesome at everything right? lol
3/13/11 11:06 PM
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 It translates to "the way of the street" .
3/14/11 12:32 AM
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It flies in the face of those who say you cant teach MMA as a system itself.
3/14/11 2:05 AM
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lol 3 seconds later Carwin would have been blue as a smurf

3/14/11 2:05 AM
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It's like regular Jiujitsu but with more Gaido in it.
3/14/11 8:00 AM
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 For the record, Gaidojutsu is a made up word with no actual translation.
3/14/11 8:18 AM
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^^^^Its "Guy do jitsu" stupid
3/14/11 8:18 AM
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I mean thats what it sounds like (on purpose)
3/14/11 8:31 AM
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the gay do juijitsu...i knew it
3/14/11 8:34 AM
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Its GUY do jitsu dude stop trolling
3/14/11 10:12 AM
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Brock v. Carwin ^ is the most recent one I can remember off the top of my head. Phone Post
3/14/11 11:49 AM
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From what I remember it was part marketing and also indeed refers to the "way of the street." Another part of the answer lies in the acronym G.J.
That team is full of awesome people. I think it is great that they have haters because it shows how far they have come. None of their success came from name recognition. Just hard work and dedication.