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7/14/13 11:07 PM
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Keep in mind I'm not an intellectual, and have no background in education, physical education, etc. I was just wondering, for you coaches out there, what is the best way for a new grappler to learn the art. I've broken it down into two types just for simplicity.

Type 1.

Detailed instruction and careful follow up and guidance.

Type 2.
Brief but clear instructions with a focus on a couple of main points and little interaction from the coach.

The positive side of type 1 is a student gets to learn every aspect of how a technique works and they may be better at teaching it in the future. The positive side of type 2 is it allows a student to figure out the move in a way that best works for him and the lack of details prevents him from over thinking.

The negatives for type 1 is over thinking could be an issue and it may not let a student adapt while live rolling since they're always trying to get the technique perfect. The negative of type 2 is they they may never learn the fine details that make the move work and they end up lacing their technique with a lot of strength speed and cardio.

Thoughts? Sorry if this feels like rambling. I'm tired and jittery from coffee. :(
7/14/13 11:12 PM
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7/14/13 11:20 PM
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7/14/13 11:32 PM
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This is a good question OP and not easily answered IMO. I know a lot of BJJ guys like to overload their students with the details, but there's lot's of coaches in other sports that use different methods with positive results.

I read the book "The Inner Game of Tennis" which is a popular sports psychology book that has applications for many sports. The jist of this book is that you shouldn't overload your mind with details and to shut up your mind and trust your body.

The mechanics of tennis and BJJ are quite a bit different, so I'm not sure if that philosophy works for BJJ, but it's made me wonder.

If I were to guess what the best method would be, it would be to give only the important details of a move, then drill, drill, drill, so those details become second nature.
7/14/13 11:41 PM
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you'd be better off asking this in the Atama BJJ forum, lots of very knowledgable grapplers in there inc many school owners, coaches and black belts
7/15/13 12:44 AM
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