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1/9/13 10:46 AM
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The Colossus thread got me to thinking. Outside of the UFC, who are the top heavies in the world right now? Before you could make arguments that other organizations had some contenders. With Overeem and int he days of Fedor and all that. But today, are there any contenders left not on the UFC roster currently? I've been trying to think of some names and am having trouble thinking of a list of five uncontracted fighters at heavyweight right now. A list of ten would be very tough. What say you mma fans? Who are your top unsigned heavies currently?
1/9/13 10:48 AM
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And to throw even more wood on the fire I will ask another theoretical to ponder. How is a guy supposed to make a name for himself in the heavyweight division right now to even get on the UFC roster aside from being a contestant on TUF? Hoping this leads to an actual mma discussion and not a bash fest.
1/9/13 10:49 AM
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Kenny Garner, jk Phone Post
1/9/13 10:49 AM
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Tank abbot
Scott ferrozo(sp?) Phone Post
1/9/13 10:50 AM
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1/9/13 10:52 AM
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See what I mean? It's pretty tough just to think of a few names. Coming up with a top 10 outside of a current UFC contract is very hard.
1/9/13 11:00 AM
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In your opinion does Bellator have any contenders for a top 5 or top 10 spot?
1/9/13 11:44 AM
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Soa Paleile sp? Phone Post
1/9/13 11:44 AM
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scott the bear barrett 14/3
1/9/13 11:46 AM
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Arlovski should earn an undercard slot if all goes well next month against the snowman. Phone Post
1/9/13 1:21 PM
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Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman -
Big Pun - In your opinion does Bellator have any contenders for a top 5 or top 10 spot?
Nah Phone Post
Barnett will be hw champ if dfw doesn't let him into the ufc. Probably tna champ too. Then again king mo could probably make waves at hw as well as lhw. Phone Post