UnderGround Forums Who is planning to cross over to MMA 2014/2015?

8/3/13 1:03 PM
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Created this thread for people in the know from the BJJ, wrestling, judo and kickboxing worlds to tell the UG about high level athletes that plan to transition to MMA in the near future.

Share your knowledge with the UG and post a youtube video of the athlete in their base sport if you feel like making this thread awesome.
8/6/13 3:18 PM
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8/6/13 3:29 PM
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Chris Honeycutt was a great college wrestler who is now training with Koscheck and is breaking into the sport.

From the college wrestling world everyone has their eye on David Taylor from Penn State and what he does after college. Olympics getting rid of wrestling is going to do MMA a favor in getting these guys dedicating themselves to MMA right away.
8/6/13 4:13 PM
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I heard around town that Mr Varner is looking into some training options. I live in Bakersfield where he grew up and his family still resides. Heard that he is really interested in possibly making the transition.

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8/8/13 10:19 PM
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