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1/21/13 10:27 AM
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Who's next for Anderson Silva?


"When Alexander the Great saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

Saturday night in the main event at UFC on FX 7, had Michael Bisping beaten Belfort in Brazil, he would have earned a shot at Anderson the Great. But Bisping lost, and the man who beat him will not get a title shot, as Belfort lost to Silva, definitively, and less than a year ago. Belfort didn't even ask for it; instead he fiercely shouted for a rematch with Jon Jones. But that is another story.

So who is next for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva?

Chris Weidman
(+) Weidman is the #1 contender by most accounts.
(-) Weidman is recovering from surgery with an anticipated mid 2012 return; Summer however is when Silva said he wants to fight again. Weidman yet lacks name recogntion sufficient to excite Silva, who retains the power to just say no.

Luke Rockhold
(+) Strikeforce middleweight champion; bout would be billed as champion vs. champion.
(-) Not widely known to the general UFC fan base. Might be best for him to have a UFC fight first.

Rashad Evans
(+) Massive name recognition. Fights Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 156 on Feb. 2, and might drop to 185 thereafter.
(-) Started in the UFC at Heavyweight. If he beats Lil Nog, can he make 185?

Hector Lombard
(+) Had an unparalleled 28 fight win streak.
(-) Lost to Tim Boetsch, who in turn lost his next fight, to Costas Philippou. Fights Yushin Okami at UFC on FUEL TV 8, and will likely have to win one or two more to qualify.

Georges St-Pierre
(-) GSP has to beat Nick Diaz at UFC 158 in March first, and then move up a division, a move he says would be permanent.

Jon Jones
(-) Silva don't want to.

A light heavyweight
(+) Silva has moved up to light heavyweight before for fan pleasing paydays.
(-) Silva's legacy is at Middleweight.

Chael Sonnen
(+) Sonnen doubtless thinks a rubbermatch is in order, once he gets by Jon Jones.
(-) Winning every second of every round until you don't is not a W.
(--) Jon Jones.

So who does Silva fight next? The Spider summed it up best on the UFC on FX 7 post-fight show on FUEL TV.

Although he has said repeatedly he wants a superfight with GSP, when asked Saturday, Silva honestly replied "I don't know."

UFC president Dana White knows what he wants - a GSP vs. Silva superfight at Middleweight on PPV in July from Vegas or even Cowboys Stadium.

The UG wants a fight this Summer with Weidman, and dreams of a Jon Jones super superfight.

Who do you think Anderson the Great will fight next? And who do you want?

1/21/13 10:42 AM
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"Jon Jones

(-) Silva don't want to."




1/21/13 10:56 AM
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^ good point and well said. I wish I had more than 1 VTFU

Only time will tell.
1/21/13 11:00 AM
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Please dont compare Silva to Alexander the Great, theres a whole new continent for him at lhw if he really wanted to test himself. Phone Post
1/21/13 11:00 AM
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Silva vs Jones is THE superfight with Silva vs GSP a close second.

I'd like to see Rashad step up as well as he could probably bring it to Anderson (but still lose).
1/21/13 11:10 AM
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-gsp doesn't want it.
Jones doesn't want it.
Chal Anderson "rubber match???"
Anderson finished him twice
Weidman ducked vitor Phone Post
1/21/13 11:22 AM
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Azn Keyboard Warrior -  Cmon lets give Silva a realchallenge.

AndersonSilva vs Alistar Overeem Phone Post

I....just had an orgasm.
1/21/13 11:22 AM
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How about Cung Le? yeah, he will lose, but i think it would be an interesting matchup...
1/21/13 11:23 AM
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"But Bisping lost, and the man who beat him will not get a title shot, as Belfort lost to Silva, definitively, and less than a year ago."

February 5, 2011 is not less than a year ago, it's almost two years ago (still wouldn't give him the title shot though). Phone Post
1/21/13 11:24 AM
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Lombard if he wins or Weidman. Beating a guy that never fought at 85 makes no sense IMO.
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The two best options imo are Rockhold or Weidman. The problem with Weidman is he is coming off surgery, and may need a fight first. The only other person I could see is Rashad but I would like to see him get a fight at 185 to see how the cut goes before putting him in with Anderson.

And yes Vitor is very much in the title picture.

1/21/13 11:38 AM
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Pat Barry would be awesome.
1/21/13 11:42 AM
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Didn't he say he only has a few left? If so, I want the super fights if we are picking here! VS GSP first and then Jones. If he is fighting at MW again, I would like Weidman but that should be before Jones so when he fights Jones he doesn't have to think about going back down in weight.

But that is fantasy land. Who will he most likely fight? Whoever is healthy and willing when Joe Silva gives the call and I have no idea who that will be. I would enjoy the storyline of Rockhold, champ vs champ but then again I have been calling for cross promotional fights for a while. Again, boxing does it all the time so don't think MMA cannot, DFW just doesn't want to. Phone Post
1/21/13 11:46 AM
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In all reality, I'm thinking he goes into a title defense against a MW next, not a super fight yet. Due to a lot of the fighters who are super fight possibilities already having fights lined up.


I honestly expect him to face Weidman or Rockhold next.

1/21/13 12:03 PM
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What about the winner of Rockhold-Weidman? It would be a great fight and give the winner enough of a boost in popularity and recognition to qualify for a shot at the champ.
1/21/13 12:26 PM
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Supertranquilo - What about the winner of Rockhold-Weidman? It would be a great fight and give the winner enough of a boost in popularity and recognition to qualify for a shot at the champ.

So late this year is good then for AS's first fight?
1/21/13 12:55 PM
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Anderson vs Shogun. Let's do it already! Phone Post
1/21/13 2:53 PM
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UGCTT_FryedTakayama -  Anderson vs Shogun. Let's do it already! Phone Post

Would love to see it if Shogun really committed to showing up in prime shape. I'd actually like to see him at 185 if he could make the cut.
1/21/13 3:11 PM
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How terrible is the mw divi? Just a ton of lhw drop outs whose avg age is 34....or one dimensionals. Two stand outs. Terrible. Just terrible.
1/21/13 3:12 PM
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timing wise, it seems like rockhold is the only thing that makes sense.
1/21/13 3:14 PM
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Does anyone think of rockhold as champion material or more like a young bisping?
1/21/13 4:00 PM
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crazyea - 

"Jon Jones

(-) Silva don't want to."




I agree LOL.

Anybody with an above average IQ knows that Anderson's just **** around media guys and in actually he just doesn't wanna end Jones, because he can and he will, but there's Machida and Lil Nog in there.

Machida could get the next crack IF he beats Hendo, Lil Nog can as well if he beats Rashad + maybe winner of Gustafsson-Musassi. What happens if Anderson beats Jones NOW before those stuff happens?

I guarantee everybody on the planet that when Machida and Lil Nog aren't in the title picture anymore, Anderson would lay waste to Jones.

no,just no.
1/21/13 4:05 PM
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Hector Lombard. I'd also be happy to see Mousasi get a crack at it.

Come on Hector and Gegard, step your shit-talking game up. That's about the only way to get fast-tracked to a title shot in Dana's UFC.
1/21/13 4:16 PM
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crazyea - 

"Jon Jones

(-) Silva don't want to."




Combat can happen..
1/22/13 11:58 AM
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I don't understand why people think Chris Weidman is a contender. He beat Mark Munoz, that's it. There is a collapsible list of middleweights that could do the exact same thing that Weidman did to Munoz. Other than that he went to a decision with Maia. Like seriously, WTF? Weidman is so far from a title shot it's ridiculous. Yet a lot of people think he's the greatest thing since Bruce Lee! Shouldn't he have to prove himself before being mentioned in the same sentence as a guy like Anderson Silva?