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12/9/12 2:02 PM
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Why cameras pulled back at UFC on FOX 5

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When FOX entered into a seven year deal with the UFC, fans anticipated that the best sport's production values in the world would enhance already insanely great evening. FOX delivered when the Phantom Cam caught close ups of shots landing cleanly at 20,000 frames per second.

However, during Saturday night's UFC on FOX 5, more than once the screen inexplicably pulled back to an impossibly long shot.

It happened perhaps most annoyingly when Henderson neutralized Diaz's leg lock attacks by dropping down into a full split.

Fans assumed error, but in fact, the cause was Nick Diaz, or more precisely, his middle finger.

This is Benson Henderson using his finger for dramatic effect:

Or two fingers:

This of course is Nate Diaz expressing himself:

It turns out that Diaz, frustrated with rounds of being punched in the thigh and kicked in the head, expressed himself to Henderson during the fight. FOX, concerned about the sensibilities of both sponsors and the wider fight fan audience, censored what really happened. FOX pulled the camera back so far all you could see what the Octagon, and not even who was in it, never mind what they were going with their finger.

12/9/12 2:08 PM
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For later Phone Post
12/9/12 2:09 PM
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Nick Diaz huh? Phone Post
12/9/12 2:11 PM
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they could have at least gone to a crowd shot... looked like they were going to some overhead of an empty arena...
12/9/12 2:12 PM
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sparkuri -  Nick Diaz huh? Phone Post


12/9/12 2:12 PM
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I thought it was funny. Phone Post
12/9/12 2:13 PM
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"Fans assumed error, but in fact, the cause was Nick Diaz, or more precisely, his middle finger."

Most powerful remote middle finger EVA Phone Post
12/9/12 2:13 PM
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I was watching with friends from work who were new to the sport. They were all like, WTF? I explained to them that Nate loved to flip people off in the octagon, and this was network TV.
12/9/12 2:13 PM
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Jesus i didn't know FOX got a 7 year deal thought it was for only about 3....
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I just don't understand what's going on between the ears of the suites that run these giant corporate companies. Don't they know that showing that finger would have created tons of buzz?

Imagine the mainstream fans
"Did you watch UFC on Fox last night?"
"No, I don't watch MMA."
"I don't either but I tuned in and this dude who was getting his ass whooped kept flipping the other dude off?"
"Yeah it was nuts."

Damn corporate suites!
12/9/12 2:14 PM
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Wut? Phone Post
12/9/12 2:16 PM
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I was wondering wtf was happening with that.

12/9/12 2:16 PM
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and now I'm a little less interested in the UFC.....

12/9/12 2:17 PM
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Jei -
sparkuri -  Nick Diaz huh? Phone Post


Nick/ Nate. Same difference. :) Phone Post
12/9/12 2:19 PM
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lol at the "fans" who assumed error

Anyone who has seen a Diaz fight knows it was the middle finger Phone Post
12/9/12 2:20 PM
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I wonder if uncle Dana could maybe make a "no middle finger clause" in the contracts lol. It was kinda annoying while watching Phone Post
12/9/12 2:23 PM
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Who assumed that it was an error? It was obvious censorship.

12/9/12 2:23 PM
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Man, the fighter lifestyle sure is changing isn't it?


Tote the company line and suck up to the media bitches.  You're fighters dammit!  Now get out there and kiss some ass or you're fired!



12/9/12 2:25 PM
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the worst part was that was nate's most effective technique from his back...
12/9/12 2:26 PM
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Diaz being Diaz. C'mon guys these things happen in mma
12/9/12 2:30 PM
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I think an argument could be made that Diaz's gestures represent a foul under MMA rules regard 'using abusive language in the ring/fenced area'.
12/9/12 2:31 PM
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sawdusk - they could have at least gone to a crowd shot... looked like they were going to some overhead of an empty arena...

yeah the article said it was going back to a far off camera, but pretty sure it was going to a shot of an empty arena

12/9/12 2:34 PM
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Didn't pan away in the UK, lol.

12/9/12 2:43 PM
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they can show a guy punching another guy in the head until he bleeds but a middle finger is too much?

12/9/12 2:48 PM
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UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay - 

Didn't pan away in the UK, lol.

canada either