UnderGround Forums Why is Silva vs Jones no longer being pursued?

11/18/12 4:43 PM
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I thought things were heating up for Silva vs Jones. Seems like both started warming up to the idea, then all of a sudden Dana and Andy are pushing hard for a May 2013 GSP vs Silva fight.

What did I miss? How come its a dead topic all of a sudden?
11/18/12 5:07 PM
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Jones is tied up for an eternity with TUF.

The other reason is that it's a lot easier to push for a fight where one guy wants it and the other hems and haws but hasn't said "no", than for a fight where both guys explicitly said "I don't want this fight".

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Both Dana and Anderson have mentioned that Anderson/Jones is possible, but if it does materialize, it will happen after GSP/Anderson
11/18/12 9:16 PM
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There are still a few fights on the table for Jones right now, he's got LHW contenders, and he could go in the other direction and challenge the HW contender.

Also they may thing georges vs anderson is a better seller, 2 highly established names, anderson will draw brazil, GSP will bring his usual huge Canada draw, and other fairweather fans will be attracted by the big names of the 2.

Also all the dicks complaining about it not being bones vs Anderson, will still tune in for this fight.
11/18/12 9:17 PM
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Because the payday for silva vs jones will be exponentially larger if silva beats GSP. All in all they'll have two major super fights versus just one. If silva beats jones noone would want to see him beat up GSP the same is not true the other way around. Phone Post
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What he said ^^^

I've seen that explanation once before and to me, it makes the most sense. If Anderson only has those two fights left then of course they are going to do it in the order of GSP (easiest) first, then Jones. It doesn't make sense the other way round.