UnderGround Forums Will Anderson be champ again?

7/7/13 1:23 AM
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If he takes his fights more seriously i hope so... what dya think?
7/7/13 1:28 AM
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Welterweight and heavyweight champ Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:30 AM
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He's the GOAT so ill say yes, just gotta stop horsing around. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:31 AM
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Yes.  Round 1.  KO.


7/7/13 1:31 AM
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Yes.  Round 1.  KO.


7/7/13 1:34 AM
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Yeah I really wonder too. My gut is AS takes the rematch. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:34 AM
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No. Never. He doesn't want to be.
7/7/13 1:36 AM
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Pressure finally got to him. Plus, he will make just as much money not being the champion. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:36 AM
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Absolutely. He'll take that immediate rematch once DFW tells him to. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:37 AM
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I don't know. He seemed almost relieved after the loss. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:37 AM
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In the rematch I think he decapitates Weidman because now Weidman will think he can bang. Rubber match Weidman tko's him from top. He has no answer for Weidman's wrestling so he baited him into fighting his fight. Weidman did get lucky but I think if he fights smart he beats Anderson almost every time Phone Post 3.0
7/7/13 1:52 AM
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he took the fight seriously... he was trying to braek weidman mentally.  He does this in every fight but this time in failed.

In the rematch i doubt he tries that again so yes I believe he can win the belt again.  Weidman couldnt take him down in the second... and there is still a question mark on Chris's cardio.

7/7/13 9:18 AM
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Caligulus - No. Never. He doesn't want to be.

This. He can chill now, and pick fights without the pressure. If he wants to take Christmas off, he can now. If he tries for the title again, chances are that he retires right after that. Since he still wants to fight, that means no immediate rematch is in the cards....