UnderGround Forums Will UFC.TV crash or underperform tonight?

3/8/14 5:40 AM
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Since tonight will be the first big live event on Fightpass, will too many people loging on to watch crash the site? or even make it perform very badly?

I think with Gus on the card it might just do it!?
3/8/14 5:42 AM
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Considering the weigh-in had issues due to the internet connection, I wouldn't be very surprised if there were issues with the stream tonight. Phone Post 3.0
3/8/14 5:42 AM
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Or today for the no EU fans :)
3/8/14 5:45 AM
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Im looking forward to this card, first time in a while i can watch live UFC at a decent time. if it goes down I'll be jumping around Clay Guida style!