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4/26/13 2:00 AM
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Interesting video from Hong Kong:


Blue please

Back story:

WC guy claims his style of fighting will beat boxing.

Boxer obliges and proceeds to fold WC guy.

It seems that Wing Chun guys don’t like hook punches.

Also, although the boxer was clearly better, he still didn’t need to be a dick about it.

It’s kind of sad seeing the Wing Chun guy realize he has nothing for the boxer… and then money shot at 2:15
4/26/13 2:05 AM
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4/26/13 2:07 AM
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Thanks Phisher, appreciated
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Double Impact
4/26/13 2:11 AM
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just looks like a big guy beating up on a small guy.

4/26/13 2:19 AM
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yeah there was a massive size difference there. that was like a LHW vs a LW.
4/26/13 2:31 AM
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Video description:

The Ving Tsun guy claimed that he will punish me by his "Scientific Ving Tsun"
and show me the "right way" of fighting
He was also proud of winning the competition of Sanda as follow,
After all those trash talking and insult,I thought it is necessary for me to come out and drop him down like a bad habit.
The fight was in "Pride"rules with no time limit

I agree, the guy was clearly the superior athlete, and he was quite dickish with his nonchalant attitude to the fight, however it seems that WIng Chun dude thought he knew how magnets work, or something.
4/26/13 2:44 AM
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Yes we'll the wing Chun guy was breaking all the rules. The science of wing Chun works so much better defensively. The way he was running in trying to hit a bigger guy with more reach was laughable. Phone Post 3.0
4/26/13 2:47 AM
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I see you are a wing chun guy Ghengis, if you were the guy in the video (fighting someone with considerable reach) what would be your tactics?

Also, he got nailed a couple of times with hooks, is it all just straight blast in WC?
4/26/13 4:17 AM
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I was hoping Wing Chun guy would kick the boxer in the nuts. Boxer dude was cocky... putting one hand behind his back and all.
4/26/13 4:23 AM
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Apparently it was Pride rules.

Pride neva die in HK!
4/26/13 4:37 AM
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I don't think the boxer was being a dick at all. He just got the job done and shook the blokes hand afterwards. Phone Post
4/26/13 4:51 AM
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Tyrone sBong - I don't think the boxer was being a dick at all. He just got the job done and shook the blokes hand afterwards. Phone Post
I agree, he was a little cocky but clearly he knew he had the fight. Have seen a helluva lot worst sportsmanship than that. Phone Post 3.0
4/26/13 4:51 AM
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of course we don't know the whole story, but it seems that the WC guy was trolling, saying he would win using his scientific fighting style.

Maybe there was bad blood, who knows? I just feel that putting his hand behind his back, shaking his head and acting arrogant were uncalled for.

Maybe if it was a wing chun guy who was the same size and weight he wouldn't be so cocky.

Still, it looks like WIng Chun guys need to learn how to defend against hook punches. He gets nailed with one at the start and at the end, almost like poetry in a way.
4/26/13 5:17 AM
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Wing Chun guys need to stop that chi sao, lop sau, centreline mumbo jumbo cooperative type training, and actually do sparring for real.

Only thing is once they do that, they will slowly start to look more like boxing.... A poor man's boxing with rabbit like punches and poor movement...

Just learn how to box properly and leave wing chun for the insecure guys who wanna be deadly fighters and watch too many Ip Man movies. Phone Post 3.0
4/26/13 6:31 AM
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I'd like to see that Wing Chun guy against Masato!
4/26/13 6:54 AM
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WTF did I just watch? I don't even think I saw WC guy do any WC!? Unless lunging is the new WC style...

4/26/13 7:37 AM
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Nice. Exactly what happens when a non-live art faces an alive one.
4/26/13 9:48 AM
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The boxer showboated, sure, but he didn't seem like a dick. There was a HUGE height disparity, though. I'd be interested to hear what weight they were both at when this happened.
4/26/13 12:16 PM
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just rewatched that. WC guy was just lunging forward with his arms out front trying to bridge with the boxer's arms so he can chi sao. Obviously, chi sao is all he's ever did and he thought thats how he would fight. Not gonna work against a taller boxer... he learned it the hard way.
4/26/13 12:57 PM
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I'm always the first to advocate for boxing. But in this case the size advantage is too great for it to count as a victory with any merit. Phone Post 3.0
4/26/13 1:06 PM
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Later Phone Post
4/26/13 1:16 PM
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SouthernGent - Height doesn't always mean size advantage, they are probably around the same weight. The taller guy is a beanpole.

You've gotta be kidding me. The smaller guy may have a little more donut gut but the tall guy was all muscle. Even if they did somehow weigh the same (which I really doubt) that's like having Frankie Edgar gain thirty pounds of belly and saying that he is now the same size as Anderson Silva.
4/26/13 1:52 PM
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In for later Phone Post
4/26/13 1:58 PM
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