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6/9/13 11:45 PM
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Woodley: Feed me to the wolves


Tyron Woodley made one of the more impressive debuts of a Strikeforce import, TKO'ing Jay Hieron in just thirty six seconds of the first round at UFC 156. Now Woodley faces a hard test this weekend, fighting Jake Shields at UFC 161. Woodley, however, is down for the challenge and ready to fight the best the UFC has to offer:

"The whole goal that entire camp was to make a statement," Woodley told Bleacher Report about his UFC debut. "I not only wanted to make a statement to myself but also the team I fight for and the promotion. The UFC needed to see that I was there now and put everyone on notice.

"I think I'm ready, man. I don't need to be powdered up. I've asked for tough fights on purpose. Feed me to the wolves. I already know who they are. It's not like they have some secret animal they are going to unleash inside the cage. I already know who the wolves are in the welterweight division and I'm ready to fight any of them."

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6/10/13 12:06 AM
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I think he runs through Shields. Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 12:08 AM
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I dig his attitude even though I'm not a huge fan. Think he beats Shields also. Phone Post
6/10/13 12:11 AM
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Fuck yeah, like the attitude! Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 12:14 AM
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I think he destroys Shields in devastating fashion.
6/10/13 12:21 AM
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Rooting for jake
Unsure how he will deal with woods explosive movements Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 12:23 AM
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Awesome!!! Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 12:25 AM
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Woodley ready to unleash the beast! Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 12:28 AM
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I put shields/mardquart in 2005 skillset I see Woodley/safardine as the next generation Phone Post
6/10/13 12:33 AM
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Shields has no chance in this fight, but where does Woodley go after this?
6/10/13 12:35 AM
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I haven't been impressed with Shields since Hendo Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 1:11 AM
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Betting odds for this fight

Woodley  -185

Shields   +150

6/10/13 1:14 AM
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UGCTT_FryedTakayama -

Betting odds for this fight

Woodley  -185

Shields   +150

I'd confidently put the 185 on woodley to win $100. Jake won't be able to get a hold of him, it'll look like Woodley's fight against Galvao Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 4:05 AM
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GayGuardMooseSaucy - I think he runs through Shields. Phone Post 3.0
/ thread

Unless there're something fishy Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 4:34 AM
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Considering the abuse that this card has taken, this is a very good fight to have on the prelims...

Will probably have a punt on Woodley at those odds...
6/10/13 5:16 AM
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Fair play.. After watching a few of his more boring fights in strikeforce I wasn't sold on woodley but he's proving the doubters wrong Phone Post
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Shields will get cut if he loses this fight.

I'm rooting for Shields.
6/10/13 12:16 PM
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Shields is going to grapplefuck Woodley to a decision. Phone Post
6/10/13 12:17 PM
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philipee32 - Hopefully he ko's shields and we can cut him. And jacare triangles okami and he gets cut too.
Lol..shut up dude. Phone Post
6/10/13 12:29 PM
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When Woodley was first on everyone's radar in Strikeforce Challengers he looked like a complete beast. Around the Saffiedine fight he started approaching fights differently and went the more safe route. He's been noticeably more aggressive in his last 2 fights though, so let's hope he's back to his old self.

Would not surprise me one bit to see him KO Shields. If he wins, Erick Silva would be a perfect fight.

6/10/13 12:45 PM
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Tyron wants a KOTN bonus. I think he's pissed Bigfoot stole his last time out.

Someone above compared this to the Galvao fight, I think that is a perfect comparison. Shields is a better wrestler but probably a less dangerous grappler. Hopefully equally outmatched on the feet. Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 1:09 PM
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Love the attitude. He may end up turning me into a fan. Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 1:29 PM
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I love this guy! Even more so since he's from STL, my hometown. I think he runs through Shields, his wrestling is great and his explosive athleticism is incredibly hard to handle. Phone Post 3.0
6/10/13 1:40 PM
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