UnderGround Forums Would a million dollar open weight tourny succeed?

11/9/13 3:38 PM
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Say the UFC produced a reality show like TUF but this show would feature established stars and vets from the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions (perhaps invite an Anderson, Vitor, Weidman, or Jacare as a middleweight rep as well). Hold the tournament over 4 months starting out with 16 vets with a name. The winner of the tourny gets a heavyweight title shot and one of those big checks for a million dollars presented to them right in the cage.
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Americans love the rags to riches story and the concept of 1 million dollars appearing all at once especially when it is as a result of hard work and dogged dedication.
11/9/13 3:47 PM
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If the UFC fighters like Vitor, Anderson, lil Nog, Wanderlei, Chael, Mir, Evans, Werdum, Barnett, Nelson, Miocic, Browne got a chance at something like this it would provide them a great deal of exposure in both Brazil and UFC and it would freshin up tournaments on cable. TUF is just one concept.

How about calling the show "Who Wants to Fight to be a Millionaire?
11/9/13 3:52 PM
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Worst idea ever. Phone Post 3.0
11/9/13 3:52 PM
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Like Warrior? Phone Post
11/9/13 3:57 PM
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Not a bad concept but fighters such as Anderson would lose money even if he won...!!! Phone Post 3.0
11/9/13 4:00 PM
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So you wanna have a reality tv show that includes most of the top stars. Who would be left to headline ppvs? Sounds like a way to have mediocre ppvs. Phone Post
11/9/13 4:51 PM
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Lot of those guys would make less by winning then they do now. If it's 16 fighters thats 4 fights to win and a large chunk of them make more then 250k per fight.

Better thing would be to take 16-32 prospects and do the same thing but that is basically TUF.