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2/12/13 5:27 PM
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Josh Neer, Clay Guida, Jason Guida, Jamie Klair, Alisa Cantwell, Nate Homme, Olivia Ziola, Adam Porachka, Tommy Lee, Brian Gereghty, Kyle Olson, Greg Wikan, Jeff Mueller, Brandon Carlson, Joey Clark, Nick Thompson, Jesse Vium, Travis Wiuff, Kelly Kobold.

Just some of the fighters that I have some clips on. Enjoy!!
2/12/13 9:30 PM
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If a Blue namer could post it that would be great... Thanks
2/12/13 9:35 PM
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What happened to XKK? Phone Post
2/12/13 9:40 PM
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I'm only posting it because Kelly is in it throwing some nasty knees and I like the song.

2/12/13 11:16 PM
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Brigham -  What happened to XKK? Phone Post

Kinda playing low but wanting a comeback. Had to much fun.
xakx ---- LOL Yes she does