UnderGround Forums Yancy Medeiros vs Rustam Khabilov

4/25/13 5:47 AM
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Just thought I would see what people think of this fight coming up at UFC 159?

Perhaps this fight is flying under the radar a little? My money is on Yancy and him moving to 10-0.

He has been working with the right people. And before anyone has a go, yes he has been working with the diaz brothers but lets be honest thats a good thing for his overall fight game.

Thoughts? Phone Post
4/25/13 6:05 AM
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Its on then.. :)

Anyway should be a good fight with some all out fireworks!! Phone Post
4/25/13 6:29 AM
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Who is this yancy fella? What's his deal Phone Post
4/25/13 8:02 AM
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He is an Hawaiian fighter who had a few fights in strikeforce. This will be his first ufc fight. He has worked with cesar gracie and the diaz brothers. Also first fight in at lightweight. Phone Post
4/25/13 10:56 AM
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Ttt for YM Phone Post
4/25/13 10:57 AM
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burner22 - Who is this yancy fella? What's his deal Phone Post
Used to weigh over 250 pounds... Now he fights at lightweight for the UFC. Kid has a great story. Phone Post
4/25/13 10:58 AM
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Trains at Cesar Gracie right?

4/25/13 11:00 AM
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4/25/13 1:26 PM
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Dagestan by domination.
4/25/13 1:32 PM
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So happy we get to see every fight now days. Excited about this match-up considering Khabilov's debut.
4/25/13 2:01 PM
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Looking forward to this fight, more interesting than the main event IMHO.
4/26/13 12:06 AM
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Humanityisthedevil - Looking forward to this fight, more interesting than the main event IMHO.
This could be a barn burner for sure..

Glad im not the only one looking forward to this fight. Phone Post
4/26/13 12:10 AM
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4/26/13 12:10 AM
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4/26/13 12:11 AM
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4/26/13 12:13 AM
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Rusty going to be KOing guys with suplexes again hopefully.
4/26/13 12:20 AM
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you fight a guy from dagestan and that region and your fighting a savage from 600 years ago... not the pussified version of men today.

4/26/13 3:41 AM
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You have to admit. Fucking nice slams! Phone Post
4/26/13 6:30 AM
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Rustam by greco
4/26/13 8:08 AM
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Yancy looks pretty small next to Shields, Melendez and Nate considering he used to fight at LHW and MW I was thinking Rustam may not be able to man handle him, but now I'm not so sure. Really excited for this fight though, two really exciting prospects with great records and they're both young.
4/26/13 9:19 AM
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I don't know much about Yancy, but Khabilov has looked like a beast. I'd be impressed if Yancy wins it

4/26/13 11:07 AM
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I still think this fight is going to be sick. Phone Post
4/26/13 1:14 PM
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I don't know much about Yancy but I'm thinking he gets thrown on his head. Phone Post 3.0
4/27/13 11:30 PM
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Godamn that injury. Fight was just starting to heat up Phone Post