UnderGround Forums Your most accuritely predicted fights?

1/6/14 6:44 PM
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What are some fights you were 100% confident in that your guy was going to win in a certain way and others had a hard time believing you? For me it was Hendo knocking out Bisping, i was 110% positive that Hendo was going to knock Bisping out cold. Also i was pretty confident that Lawler was going to ko Kos and no one believed me. Also your worst predicted fight?
1/6/14 6:48 PM
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I remember watching the Lauzon/Pettis fight and thinking Pettis is gonna KO him with a headkick with the way he's dropping his hands.

My worst predicted fight was Le/Frankilin sadly enough...

1/6/14 6:48 PM
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Rashad finishing Chuck

1/6/14 6:50 PM
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Forrest over Rua

1/6/14 6:50 PM
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probly pe de pano vs Mir. Mir coming back from a snapped femur vs someone with a much stronger bjj skillset
1/6/14 6:51 PM
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Mine was also a Hendo fight, OP

All my friends thought I was crazy when I said Hendo was going to tko fedor.

As soon as the ref pulled him off..
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1/6/14 6:53 PM
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I think my worst predicted was Rampage/Rashad either that or Hendo/Vitor 2 :(
1/6/14 6:55 PM
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Hendricks KO Fitch

Worst was Brock/Carwin Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 6:55 PM
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Vitor over Dan Henderson Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 6:55 PM
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I predicted Rhonda winning by first round armbar a few times when she first got to strikeforce. Even made a few bets on it with that stipulation. I know now that doesn't seem impressive at all. But yeah Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 6:56 PM
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My best prediction was Cain/JDS 2. I knew Cain would come out and maul him in a destructive one sided decision.

Worst prediction was hendo vs vitor 2. I bet $200 with a mate on that fight because I was that confident that hendo couldn't get knocked out and that he'd eventually outlast vitor hopefully and win. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 6:56 PM
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My recent poor prediction was Barnett vs Browne. I thought Josh was gonna handle him in the clinch. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 6:56 PM
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Injury over Cruz Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:00 PM
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I called Guillard vs Lauzon very accurately, down to Melvin being over confident and getting tagged in the face then subbed.

If I'm being perfectly honest though, I went the extra mile out of annoyance with some people writing off Joe by calling the shot in the face. I fully expected Joe to win in the long haul, but I wasn't 100% about him setting it up with a strike even though I said it with authority at the time. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:14 PM
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Forrest over Rua

Wow. That's a big one Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:17 PM
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Cain vs JDS 2 and 3. However I couldn't have been more wrong about their first fight.

Overeem vs Brock

Diaz vs Penn Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:22 PM
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My worst was JDS/Cain Ii

Best would probably be Browne vs Barnett. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:25 PM
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fanklin vs hamil

which i correclty predicted on the UFC countdown tv show when I was interviewed.

I called for the end to come by way of liver shot.
1/6/14 7:29 PM
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I called Silva over Griffin and Brock over Mir. But I don't think those are awesome picks. I was wrong about Machida/Shogun II and Rampage/Rashad Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:31 PM
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Sonnen dominating silva for 23 minutes before getting caught in a triangle Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:35 PM
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Vitor vs Bisping. A friend in my class was talking about the fight and how Bisping was going to beat a juiced up Vitor. I laughed and said Vitor was going to kick him in the face. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:36 PM
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Best was big country and Struve. As they were walking out I told my friends Roy would land a big bass overhand and kill Struve in the first. 30 seconds later my prediction delivers. Worst was hendo shields. Thought hendo would slaughter jake. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:39 PM
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Best- Forrest over Rampage, with the leg kicks being a big factor. Had just recently started watching MMA, so wanted to research everything I could on the main event of first PPV was going to purchase. Noticed Rampage didnt really care about defending kicks, and Forrest had started utilizing that aspect into his game.

Worst- fucking Belfort vs Silva Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:42 PM
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My most miserable picks were:

I said BJ would brutally KO Edgar in the rematch
Lesnar would easily smash overeem like he did Mir (still think ufc 100 Lesnar would)
And that Silva would KO weidman in under two rounds in the rematch.

But I guess my best prediction ever was I said Hendo would handle Fedor and even finish him, and he did with ease. Phone Post 3.0
1/6/14 7:47 PM
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Best: Frankie vs BJ II
Cain vs. JDS I
Also, not sure this counts because it was during the fight but during anderson vs vitor i turned to my friend and said "vitor is about to get ko'd" literally 2 seconds before he did.


Brock vs Overeem
GSP vs Condit Phone Post 3.0