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7/7/14 8:46 PM
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You're fighting Frankie- what is your game plan?

I would make the fight at 155, and I would request a 3 rounder. I would try to fight him like Penn fought Fitch. Tons of pressure, take away his movement and speed.

I'm not sure if that's the right one, but it's what I would try Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 8:49 PM
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That would be unfair to me, I'd have to cut off both legs and maybe an ass cheek to make the weight.

But my plan would be to sneak a baseball bat into the octagon cleverly hidden behind my enormous penis and at the appropriate time, hit him with my concealed cock bat.

I think I could pull it off.
7/7/14 8:49 PM
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Get a new corner.
Edited: 7/7/14 8:51 PM
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Head movement, more footwork, stay extremely low and try and outsmart frankie and capitalize on mistakes. He's not gonna KO you or submit you so why not let him build a false sense of dominance and try and trap him with as much power as possible, that's what Gray more or less was doing, with maybe less movement and more Power than BJ could really muster but Gray proved he could put him on his ass with a well timed counter combo, and counter him to the body as hard as you can hit him, aim for the liver as much as possible.


I'd fight like Gray did, just really beyond that finishing the job is the real problem, flooring him and a well timed guillotine is as good as I can come up with unless you can go speed for speed with frankie like Aldo can.

7/7/14 9:00 PM
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and clinchwork, Benson used some clinchwork and so did ALdo I think. Trap him on the fence and drity him up.


Frankie wants you to battle his technical skills you need to brawl like Cain, Matt Brown etc and make it as ugly as possible

7/7/14 9:58 PM
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Let him take me down. Pull his hand down to my crotch and act like he hit me in the balls. Repeat. Win by dq. Profit?
7/7/14 10:01 PM
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I think it really comes down to space, you give Frankie space to work and he will just buzz around and pick you apart and change levels when he needs to.

7/7/14 10:11 PM
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Initiate clinches as much as possible to get the takedown. He got Fitch down who is way heavier than Edgar and nearly finished him in one round. His top game should still be one of the best out there. And Penn's takedowns aren't bad either; he just rarely seemed to want to go for them anymore. I remember being shocked as hell in the fitch fight when he immediately went for it and it worked well for him.

7/7/14 10:15 PM
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Who knows, but my game plan from here on out would be to enjoy being one of the baddest mother fuckers to ever walk the earth, hang with my family, and eat those hamburgers that he loves. And stick around the sport cause we all love him. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 10:30 PM
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Fight back. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 10:31 PM
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Kill, Kill and Kill, To the Death Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 10:31 PM
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Go to the UG to get pointers from idiots who have never fought anyone Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 10:34 PM
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Train in Brazil as originally planned, and or move to AKA, then reunite with Marv Marinovich (who's now in Santa Cruz). It isn't rocket science, and if he was actually too past his prime, and physically imcapable of competing, then I'm sure Javier or Bob Cook would have stepped up like men and let their feelings be known. Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 11:04 PM
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Stay retired. Phone Post 3.0