UnderGround Forums any HVWT Wrestlers coming up to challenge Cain??

6/27/14 5:36 PM
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surely there has to be some hvwt amateur wrestlers with as good or better wrestling pedigrees than Cain coming into the sport or planning to right?guys that are bigger and stronger and with better wrestling just not the refined game that Cain has...if so, who and where are they??
6/27/14 5:36 PM
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Cole Konrad is coming out of retirement.
6/27/14 6:01 PM
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Steve Macco is training. He started pretty old though. Phone Post 3.0
6/27/14 6:05 PM
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They are 5,500 away... Phone Post 3.0
6/27/14 6:06 PM
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5,500 miles away Phone Post 3.0
6/27/14 6:08 PM
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6/27/14 8:56 PM
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MMAtador - What about that teenage kid who is waiting to compete in the Olympics for wrestling before he goes pro. It's been a year since I read the story on this website so I don't remember his name. Phone Post 3.0
Arron pico. He's not going to be a heavy weight though Phone Post 3.0
6/28/14 6:17 AM
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Letibleu -




There are some gigantic freak of nature 220-250lb wrestlers over there.

They said as soon as Uncle Dana gets them some Anderson Silva they will buy plane tickets.. Phone Post 3.0