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5/8/13 11:18 AM
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5/8/13 11:20 AM
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Holy shit! Is that Tonya Harding standing behind her?

5/8/13 12:24 PM
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Why is she wearing a garbage bag? Is she cutting to 135? Phone Post
5/8/13 12:24 PM
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ITT: women's fashion experts


she is still bangin'

5/8/13 12:27 PM
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I have that exact same shower curtain.
5/8/13 12:36 PM
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At least OP uses solid/thick/tight to refer to Gina, sounds so ghey when OPs use that to describe their MMA man crush.
5/8/13 3:37 PM
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Clearly I know fuck all about fashion, because that dress looks like wadded up duct tape to me, proof that once you reach a certain level of hotness all bets are off and you are still hot.
5/8/13 3:57 PM
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She was probably paid by a designer to wear that dress.

5/8/13 4:50 PM
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This thread is soooooooooo Funny.

5/8/13 4:52 PM
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crowbar -

She was probably paid by a designer to wear that dress.

Thread title should have read:

"Gina Carano looking thick, solid." Phone Post
5/8/13 4:55 PM
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do they use her voice in the movie this time?
5/8/13 6:26 PM
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Nick Fury - Female Expendables? Oh, hell no.

Oh, hell yes. They would go undercover to a Victoria secret fashion show...
5/8/13 6:40 PM
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didnt know the UG turned into queer eye for the straight guy...jeeze..you guys remind me of my wife

5/8/13 6:40 PM
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she definitely needs to get back to the gym. she's beautiful no doubt but at this rate she's approaching Anna Nicole Smith territory.
5/8/13 6:54 PM
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She is stunning. Regardless of attire :-) Phone Post 3.0
5/8/13 7:00 PM
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She actually looks to be in better shape than we have seen her in the past,

is still beautiful of face,

gracious of manner,

and charming in ways.

a Solid 10 Alex!
5/8/13 7:18 PM
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She has a bit of a pooch.

I would still hit it
5/8/13 7:19 PM
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lmao @ the UG fashion critics. for real? go write a best and worst dressed column for gay monthly.

Gina looks hot and is making a career for herself that doesnt revolve around getting punched in her pretty face.

good for her.
5/8/13 8:44 PM
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Nice! Phone Post 3.0
5/8/13 8:54 PM
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I love Gina Phone Post 3.0
5/8/13 8:54 PM
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nice blanket
5/8/13 10:25 PM
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soremano -

gina has a history of wearing bad outfits

the dress obviously wasn't fitted, leather boots are not doing her legs any favors, and let's not even talk about the hair

I love Gina but she really has the worst sense of style ever

and what is with denim skirts all the time? this isn't 1990 girl


I'm sure she has a stylist and I'm sure she gets paid to wear clothes Phone Post 3.0
5/8/13 10:42 PM
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Mmm mmm MMM Phone Post 3.0
5/8/13 11:31 PM
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Ronda definitely dresses better than Gina.

5/9/13 12:04 AM
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Good for her.

Bottom Line: if you're a chick and you're banging the due that plays Superman, you've pretty much won. That's like every girl's goal growing up.

It's like the male equivalent of banging the chick on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue.

Good for her.