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4/23/18 9:26 PM
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As some of you have already noticed, we pushed out the app update on iOS yesterday morning. We have thoroughly beta tested version 5.0 and although I am sure some bugs/crashes will still exist, I am confident this is the best version of the app we have done so far.

We have removed the MoPub Ad SDK, which is what was causing the horrendous ad experiences including pop-ups. We are now using Google DFP and although it's still possible for an unsavory advertiser to get a sneaky ad code in, now we have the ability to track them down and remove when necessary. We also made the app completely ad free to pro-level users. (pros, business account, fighters)

We also rebuilt the code base to conform to the latest apple standards and for those lucky enough to own an iPhone X, the app will utilize your whole screen. We also fixed the issues with videos on the 'Remix' viral video section not working correctly in iOS.

Lastly, we have added the ability for users to upload images directly from their library or camera both when creating a thread and in replying in a thread. So let the parade of d*ck pics commence.

We are eager for our members to give the new app a try and let us know their thoughts. We are committed to continued support and development of the app going forward. We also would kindly appreciate a rating/review in the App Store after you have given the new app a test drive.

Thank You,

Chris (& Kirik, I guess)

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Would be nice to see the pic in screen before sending off

4/23/18 9:39 PM
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ShoreBreaker - 

Would be nice to see the pic in screen before sending off

definitely something we can look into. I expect to do an update in 3-4 weeks to address any bugs/crash issues that come up. You can see the image when do a new thread, but not currently when replying.

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I love being able to upload pics and on replies. So far awesome... Thanks Chris 

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Also to note we are compressing and resizing images before upload. We realized in beta that a thread full of iPhone images was SLOW as images were 2-6mb’s each.

4/23/18 10:18 PM
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Am I supposed to see a preview of my pic before posting?

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4/23/18 11:25 PM
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Nice. Looking forward to trying it out. I can already sense it's faster than the previous version. 

4/23/18 11:45 PM
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So stoked to have full screen on my iPhone now!

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4/24/18 12:01 AM
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Bashing Top Men is a rite of passage on here but we should also be encouraging when they do the right thing. 

Glad to see some attention given to improving the user experience. 

Now we can look forward to 10x the amount of Passive Attention Whore threads. 

4/24/18 12:45 AM
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Testing dick pics now!


I keep getting this stupid error!!


*System error- content in image is way to large for upload. Please try again later.*



WTF does that even mean?!?!

Oh well, good job my top dudes!!

4/24/18 1:41 AM
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Weird to not have a preview but nice feature

4/24/18 4:55 AM
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Love using the full screen real estate of the iPhone X. 

4/24/18 6:14 AM
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I agree the photo needs to show up as a preview before posting. Besides that seems a lot better. 

4/24/18 6:22 AM
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Great improvement. App works well.

Load screen is great because I thought it was ‘neutral’ until I noticed Conor was on it. The level of nuthuggery/faggotry here is without parallel. At least have a photo of him smashing the bus not holding belts he no longer has

4/24/18 8:50 AM
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4/24/18 9:07 AM
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Hey Chris- is there anyway to fix the issue where you open a thread and a video that has been embedded automatically just starts playing- before you even scroll down. Otherwise- I love the update. 

4/24/18 9:21 AM
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glad my little input was put to use