UnderGround Forums liking mma/ufc is liking pro wrestling to most!

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i dont tell anyone at work of my love for pro wrestling. nor do i tell them of my love of mma. and thats fucked because ui have loved the sport of mma for almost 20 years. since pancrase and the first ufc's. yet like pro wrestling if i reveal this to my professional business friends? its considered a joke and low class. you all wonder why im on here so much and make so many threads & posts? cus its my only outlet in my life for mma! hell even my ex wife who would tolerate wwe with me? would call mma "wrestling" and my coming here ? going to my "wrestling blog".

i introduce my frens and family to ufc ppv's but noone sticks. i have yet to meet a female i am attracted to that even knows what ufc is.

this is why i watch pro wrestling and mma in secret! im serious! most people in the real world think we/i'm fucking weird for liking this stuff!!!!

3/15/13 8:09 PM
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I don't watch pro wrestling but completely relate with your MMA dilemma.

I'm worried that people will think I listen to death metal and wear Tapout tees if I tell them I like MMA, even though it's my 2nd favourite sport. Phone Post
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Kjeldoran - Didnt real but whoever thinks that are fucking idiots. (Based
On title) Phone Post
Well that's probably why he posted something other than the title Phone Post
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My girl likes mma, doesn't love it, but comes to my friends, who all love mma, house to watch most cards. Phone Post
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I've also tried to get my friends into MMA with no luck. I've thrown parties for PPVs and big TV events and people have attended, but few watch the fights and fewer care enough to ask questions. No one disparages me for liking MMA, though.

I have one friend at work I can talk MMA with, but he's a casual fan at best. I go to a sports bar for events now, and sit with two other guys in my situation. If you want MMA friends, I suggest you either do this, or trane. Phone Post
3/15/13 8:59 PM
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I was talking to my boss today and he's never even heard of GSp , I'm in Canada. nobody really gives a damn about mma. stupid Roughriders
3/15/13 9:17 PM
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Some of my friends watch it some don't I don't say anything negative about the dog shows they watch and they don't hassle my likes. It is a big world
3/15/13 9:23 PM
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I had a fairly young black boss (maybe he was 30 at the time, 6 years ago?) and I mentioned to him that I liked MMA and of course his initial response was that it was gay and that any boxer would land that miracle punch every time and KO any one of these dudes in under a minute.

I finally got him to the back room and asked him if he thought he could KO me before the takedown. Obviously we werent about to test it for real but he did let me shoot a takedown on him and it put a dent in his theory.

Soon after that I brought him a couple pride dvds, specifically checking off Rampage/Arona and Kharitonov/Schilt and told him to watch. He came back the next day, said he tried to watch Rampage/Arona and only lasted like 2 minutes. I told him to finish watching the 10 or so minutes left in the fight and get back to me. He comes back the next day saying, and I quote, "oooooh shiit nigga. you werent kiddin! That nigga threw that dude straight on his head!"

That was a good experience. Just recently I met this dude at the dog park I go to who is a painter and then I find out he used to be a Judoka. I never brought up MMA but we got around to talking boxing one day and then he mentions that he cant believe that Ultimate FIghting stuff is even allowed on tv and how its so brutal, blah blah blah. At that point I just figured he was set in his ways and I'd rather not waste the energy trying to convince this guy otherwise.

Point is you're gonna be surprised by some and not by others. You also cant expect your gf/wife to like any sports just as she cant expect you to like shopping for her shoes.
3/15/13 9:45 PM
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My wife and I watched the first UFC together, and most of them and the Prides together since.  She knows her shit too, very savvy.  She's as stoked as I am for tomorrow night.

When I worked the clubs, all of my bouncing (highly trained) friends were long-term fanatics as well.

Outside of wifey and my friends from the clubs?  I don't know anybody within a 100 mile radius that is more than a casual-at-best fan.

3/15/13 11:07 PM
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I can relate to the MMA part. All of my coworkers want to talk about golf. Fucking golf! I have 5 brothers, and none of them are more than casual fans. It's frustrating that the best sport in the world doesn't get the recognition it deserves! Phone Post
3/15/13 11:14 PM
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Won't read because majority of people still believe it's a blood sport/too violent. Also general population don't even think wwe still exists. Phone Post
3/15/13 11:36 PM
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That stinks man. On the other hand it makes me feel pretty fortunate. Although I don't bring it up to many people, I do have a good 3 or 4 buddies who catch the fights on a pretty regular basis, and then I have my cousin who introduced me to My first UFC in 94 and one of my best friends who watch every one of them. They live in VA and I am in FL now which kinda sucks, but we bullshit back and forth during the fights in texts. Phone Post
3/15/13 11:44 PM
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I've lived all over BC and almost every person I've talked to in the last five years at the very least has heard of the UFC. Most people have heard of and could point out Chuck Liddell on TV, too. On top of that, it's always seemed like there were more Nick Diaz fans than GSP fans around here.
3/15/13 11:48 PM
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Kjeldoran - 
ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh -
Kjeldoran - Didnt real but whoever thinks that are fucking idiots. (Based
On title) Phone Post
Well that's probably why he posted something other than the title Phone Post
Phone Post

its higher than that otherwise you wouldn't have entered the thread and posted numerous replies

3/16/13 12:07 AM
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There is nothing wrong with liking MMA.  Or pro-wrestling.  Or curling.  Or baseball.  Or ballet.  Or NASCAR.

Unless your hobbies involve breaking laws, you should not be ashamed of them.  Fuck what anyone else things.

3/16/13 12:14 AM
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I'm sure the people you're afraid to tell about your love for MMA would completely change their stereotype view of MMA fans if they visited the UG ...

Yes, I was being sarcastic.
3/16/13 12:22 AM
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I only judge pro-wrestling fans if they talk about it as if it's real. Pretty weird how in some circles it's considered a "sport." It's basically a televised circus act.
3/16/13 12:27 AM
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I know what u mean.  I'm huge fan of both as well. I tell people though and they always look at me with astonishment and say, " You know it's fake right?"  Marks.  War Diaz btw.

3/16/13 12:37 AM
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People like him make me embarrassed to be associated with the sport.
-Ricci on TUF referring to "let me bang bro" Julian Lang Phone Post
3/16/13 12:59 AM
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tonytr - I only judge pro-wrestling fans if they talk about it as if it's real. Pretty weird how in some circles it's considered a "sport." It's basically a televised circus act.

I dont know anyone over the age of 12 who considers rassling a sport or prented that it's real...

3/16/13 2:28 AM
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Have been a pro wrestling fan since I was about 9 and into MMA since I first heard of its existence in about 95. The last couple of years I find more people have at least a recognition knowledge of MMA (mainly call it UFC though), but until then I was truly on my own.

Most people I know see the difference between MMA and pro wrestling, but I only talk about either of them properly with the couple that have more than a passing interest in it. Phone Post
3/16/13 2:50 AM
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Ha, my wife calls it wrestling too, but she's a cheeky Brit being funny. Phone Post
3/16/13 3:00 AM
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Some of my friends are casual fans but they pretty much fall into the uneducated, ima pick the most fit looking guy to win crowd. They freak out when the fighr hits the ground which bugs the shit out of me. My favorite person to watch fights or any sport with is my Pops because he just sits silently and enjoys the fight no matter where it goes. Phone Post
3/16/13 3:12 AM
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Tebow Worships Satan - Stop trying to force sports on to a female. It never works. Just keep the sports to yourself and the guys. If she wants to watch then she'll watch.

noone said girl. i mean everyone

3/16/13 3:17 AM
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and people i tell about mma still reply to it as that" redneck shit"

i recently hired a black belt in tai kwan do. entire family is blackbelts. when i brought up ufc he hadnt even heard of it. wtf?