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is the link, i have posted it below. its an awesome read about an awesome lady, fighter, and damn an awesome human being!

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we got bec and felice.........

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At first glance, Cassie Crisano looks like your normal, every day woman. A dedicated mother, police officer and a friendly personality that makes her easy to get along with.

But as the saying goes looks can be deceiving. Crisano is anything but ordinary. Beyond her attractive looks, pleasant demeanor and athletic build Crisano is a deeply motivated and strong-willed woman with her sights set on stardom in Mixed Martial Arts. But her idea of success goes far beyond her win/loss record.

Crisano’s story is that of a true fighter. A fighter who has already overcome incredible odds time and time again. One who values family, hard work and not only setting goals but accomplishing them with a fierce tenacity that makes it easy to root for her success.

While it may be a bit more difficult for females to make an impact in the male-dominated industry, Crisano is proving she has the makeup (no, not the kind you put on your face) and character to achieve great things in the sport. Crisano already has quite the buzz going for her and has some of the more dedicated fans in the sport.

A born and bred New Yorker, Crisano is forging a path toward a successful career in mixed martial arts. But aside from that, Crisano serves as an inspiration to other women, even women who do not have aspirations in the mixed martial arts.

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“I grew up in Ellenville, New York a small town in the Catskill Region. My parents were hard working middle class people.(Blue Collar Family) Old school Italian Catholics.

I grew up with several siblings. (2 sisters and one brother) We fought and we had fun. I was the middle child. My childhood was great! Love, family, friends, playing hopscotch. I didn’t watch excessive TV because i was always playing  sports. Jump rope contests, kickball, hand clapping games, monkey bars, good music.

I was raised with morals and values which i live by today thanks to my parents. They raised me to work hard and appreciate everything i earn in life. To never take handouts.”

In a world where society places a lot of emphasis on social media, Crisano has fully embraced fan interaction and rather enjoys her social interactions with her fans. Both her Facebook and Twitter pages have thousands of followers and Crisano takes time to personally engage with each of her fans. This has endeared her to thousands of people and also helped  make a name for herself as a female fighter in a sport that doesn’t have a large array of women competing.

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“WMMA has evolved slowly and is just recently getting the exposure and attention it should have a long time ago. The problem with WMMA is that there are just not enough females to be able to take it to the next level as the men. There are too many women that want to be classified as “A FIGHTER” but the skill level of being a well rounded fighter is just not there.

The talent pool is just not big enough yet. Definitely harder because its not as easy to lock in fights. I have gone anywhere between 3-6 months without a fight due to not being able to find an opponent, where as the males can fight every week if the wanted to.”

While the world of WMMA may be finally getting some recognition and long-needed exposure, Crisano is intent on fighting her way to the forefront of that movement. And “fighting” has been the story of Crisano’s life. Competition clearly fuels her.

“Fear. The fear of unfulfilled dreams. I don’t  want to be 60 years old and  think back about what could have been. When you are growing up, every little kid has a dream to be a professional athlete someday and the majority fall short. I see this as a second opportunity to become a professional athlete and to be able to put that hope and dreams back in every little kid and person that hears my story and see what i am set out to accomplish.

I wasn’t into really watching sports growing up, i was more into playing them. I was very competitive growing up as far back as i can remember.   I played a number of sports growing up, including baseball, softball, and field hockey, before discovering my true passion, wrestling.”

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It’s undeniable that competition runs deep in Crisano’s blood. But her hard-nosed mentality wasn’t conceived merely in thought but rather by first-hand experience. Crisano has had her fair share of challenges she had to overcome just to get to this phase of her life and career.

As a high school student, Crisano joined her school’s wrestling team. It didn’t take long for Crisano to make an impact becoming the first female wrestler in Section 9 to win a Varsity match against a male wrestler. She finished in 2nd place at the first women’s national wrestling tournament in Albuquerque, NM in the 138lb cadet division. She was also the 138lb New York state women’s champion and finished second at the northeast regional in Syracuse, NY. She posted an impressive 20-2 record.

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In 2002, Crisano’s life would take an unexpected turn. She was involved in a horrible auto accident that nearly ended her life and promptly ended her accomplished wrestling career.

Crisano, once again faced with an incredible challenge, would fight her way back to training in November of 2009. But this time her sights weren’t on wrestling, they were on MMA.

With an intense training schedule, Crisano would soon be back to doing what she was born to do. Compete. But regardless of all the challenges, hurdles and roadblocks she had overcome in her life and her athletic career, Crisano still had some nerves just before her very first fight:

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“I had a lot of reservations leading up to my first fight.

Training and actually getting in the cage to fight in front of thousands of people are completely different. I wasn’t in the best of shape for my first fight so i had a lot of emotions going on leading up to the moment i stepped in there.

You know typical emotions. What am i doing here? Oh my God am I really ready for this? Is this what i want to really do ? What if i lose? These emotions flooded my brain up until the minute i stepped in the cage.

Everything seemed so clear standing in there. At that moment i knew that was the piece that was always missing. I won the fight that night in the second round by submission. I was so happy. I loved every second in there. It was after that fight that i knew this was what i wanted to do no more doubts..Just excitement”

And that night Crisano officially embarked on her new journey towards MMA stardom. Since that time Crisano has dedicated more time in training and improving her mat skills so she can continue to forge ahead.

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“I am currently training full time now. 6 days a week.. Early morning cardio , to late morning mat time (BJJ,Wrestling) and striking, leading into afternoon strength and conditioning training…. Monday through Friday i have a very strict regiment.

The same thing every day. Saturday is my easy cardio only day and Sunday is my rest day

My next fight is currently in the works. I will release the info as soon as i can but its looking like March 2013 for my Professional Debut.”

It’s easy to pinpoint Crisano’s natural competitive nature as the driving force in her athletic career. But it goes beyond that. Crisano remains grounded and values the influence her family has had on her, particularly her parents.

“My inspirations in life are my parents, they have been most influential in my career and my personal admiration’s. My parents taught me to work hard for everything that I achieve in life and to never take anything for granted. They have instilled in me that sometimes in life things don’t go as planned.

The difference between what makes you successful or a flop is how you take those things and deal with them. Welcome challenges because God does not throw challenges at us that he does not think we are capable of overcoming.

Believe they are tests for us when we have our own self doubts and they are meant to remind us that we can push through anything because he gave us the strength to be able to. Those that do not believe fail themselves.

There is no impossible or poor pity me because I was not capable, only weak people because they choose to be weak. Not everyone is fortunate to have come from wealthy backgrounds and never know what it’s like to have to truly work for something. They have taught me to not admire or wish to be like them.

Do not be jealous. Have sympathy for those because they will never know what true meaning or value is. They will NEVER know their true self.

That being said when faced with a challenge welcome it and battle it for it is a gift that a lot of people don’t ever really get to appreciate the true meaning of.

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With 2012 behind her and her professional debut on the horizon, 2013 is shaping up to be a heck of a year for Crisano’s professional career. But Crisano, in typical fashion, isn’t just looking towards 2013 but also keeping her sights on the next several years of her promising career.

She is determined to not only make an impact in the sport itself but also impact those who are fans. As much as it is important to Crisano to win championships and rack up career victories, it is apparent that it’s equally important to her to be a role model and to inspire others.

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“Professional athletes today seem to most often make news for behaving as if they live above the rest of society.  They cheat, abusing performance enhancing drugs looking for an edge, or act as if they are larger than the sport which made them famous, rubbing their fans’ noses in their stardom.  I want to be that athlete who accepts the responsibility that comes with the spotlight.

Who embraces their status as a role model to countless young people who aspire to achieve some measure of the success that I have achieved, and who conducts themselves humbly and honorably in all that they do.

I see myself as being a positive and successful role model to young people. I would have to say my best experience as a fighter is talking with my fans. The amount of support and inspiration I feel when a young adult or child comes up to me and tells me they are my biggest fan and they want to be just like me one day are what inspire me to keep pushing forward to achieve my goals of one day potentially being one of the faces in WMMA that young aspiring youth look up to .

What they don’t know is that they are the ones that in fact inspire me to do what I am doing. They give me hope that what I am trying to accomplish has meaning and that as much as I’m inspired I’m able to give it back in return. In 5-10 years i hope to be able to have earned myself recognition in the world of WMMA as a well rounded respectable fighter and woman.

Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. MMA is not just a sport it’s a way of life. Being a fighter is not just physical but also mental. You have to love what you do to be able to do it well.”

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It would be hard not be a fan of Crisano. Her incredible journey is nothing short of inspirational. The positivity and strength she omits are just further examples of the strong character she possesses.

It is clear that the sports of WMMA will indeed be better with people like Cassie Crisano involved with it. In a sport that lacks the exposure and recognition the male fighters receive, Crisano is a great leader for the new crop of female fighters helping this sport continue to ascend in the future.

With Crisano’s knack for overcoming the odds, how on Earth can you bet against her?

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Cassie Crisano’s Website

Cassie Crisano on Twitter

Cassie Crisano on Facebook


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