Utah Underground Academies for seminars in UTAH?

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Hey friends! (simmilar to what I posted in the IOWA and Arizona forum: Im Mauricio Shogun and Murilo Ninja's seminar manager, and we do USA seminar tours every now and then in the USA, and the Utah scene seems interesting from what I have been checking. However, we were never invited by any academies to do seminars in the state. If anyone can help me out, out of curiosity and looking for the future, and tell me what are the main cities/academies that could hold a seminar with the Rua brothers in the future, and if you think that would have a good turn out! Thanks a lot! edualonsomm@gmail.com Eduardo Alonso.
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Check your email
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Jeremy Horn Elite Preformance Rob Handley Absolut MMA Pedro Sauer's school Ultimate Combat Training Center
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If he ends up doing seminars here, please post about them on this forum.
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I sent him an email on the schools here in SLC and their contact information. Eduardo, if you have any questions or need further information on the schools in Utah then just respond to the email I sent.