Utah Underground What's Up with Justin Ellison?

9/25/06 12:14 PM
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I just watched the Ellison/Wise fight. Holy shit, that ended fast! He looked like he had slimmed down a bout since I last saw him fight too. Is he going to start fighting in-state more actively? Specifically, in the UCE? It's a shame that we don't get to see him fight more. He's one talented dude.
9/26/06 5:20 PM
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He was supposed to fight Mica Cipilli from Las Vegas but Mica injured his knee and Hank stepped in with almost no prep time. I don't think he's looking to fight that much. He accepted the Mica fight because Mica straight up called him out. Whether or not he's actually looking for fights . . . actually, I don't think he is, he's just not running from any.
9/26/06 8:10 PM
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That's too bad. I'd like to see him fight more.
10/2/06 6:38 PM
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He did a kickboxing match against Ma'afu Fosita on Saturday night. They went to a three round draw.
10/2/06 6:46 PM
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Spoilers alert, perhaps? Actually, I knew about that one, so you're off the hook.
10/9/06 11:29 PM
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MulletMan you're killing me!
11/2/06 3:27 PM
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Back to Justin, he pulled out of his UCE fight because Jeremy Horne apparently broke his ankle or so my source informed me . . . who then also told me that he saw him walking without a cast but that he "looked real bad." Anyway, he's injured bad enough to have to pull out of the fight (which Justin just doesn't do) so the injury has to be fairly serious.