What if ... honest opinion on dogfighting?

5/13/07 2:09 PM
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i put this here and not on the og for a reason. mods please dont move ok? i have read in brazil many of the fighters have and admire fighting dogs. i dont think its a coincidence that renzos team is the pitbulls. they have a diff culture and i would never knock it. i just dont know why some people like to watch animals fight to the death?
5/13/07 2:23 PM
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First of all, people who are respected in the gamedog community and have been so for a long time, don't fight their dogs to the death. This is not an economically sound practice to say nothing of the cruelty. Many of them do not actually like the fighting of the animals but they believe that only by matching the dogs can you determine the gameness of the animal for reproductive purposes. This is, essentially, the elusive trait that these people seek in their animals. Do deaths occur? They do. This is the exception, however, and not the rule. I want to stress that their is a big difference between the dog men that I am talking about here and the people who get together in back alleys (or at the homes of certain NFL players) and fight dogs to the death. I will answer the questions before you ask them: No, I do not fight dogs. Yes, I have met and spoken to people who do and are very well known and respected in the pitbull world. No, I don't like dog fighting. I do, however, have a great admiration for the breed that has come out of the matching and selective breeding of dogs. The juxtapostion of these two facts seems strange I admit. Though I find dog fighting cruel to a degree, I find hunting worse yet it is widely accepted. In a dog fight, there are two willing participants and the contest is over when one of the participants shows any sign of surrender. In hunting, you have one willing participant and a relatively defenseless participant that is either unaware of its involvement, or in some cases scared shitless until it is finally killed. *sits back and prepares to be flamed*
5/13/07 2:27 PM
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oh god, here we go......another 1000 post thread
5/13/07 2:29 PM
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I think the New York team is the pit bulls because there are so many damned pit bulls in NYC. There was a recent PR campaign to rename the breed "New Yorkies." I would guess that's the more probable connection, but I don't know anything about dogfighting aside from what I've seen on The Wire.
5/13/07 2:33 PM
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Canine Cockfighting, IMO
5/13/07 2:44 PM
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I wanna see the dogs against the dogfighters.
5/13/07 2:45 PM
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I have a pitty and an Amstaff...When they go at it, it really is like Wrestlmania up in here...Sounds like two dogs trying to kill each other. The growls and snarls echo through the house, Hair flying, blood & spit everywhere! from little lip bites and stuff, when they run into each other I am surprised they don't knock each other out...But they just love the rough play fighting. It really is something to watch. Very powerfull natural wrestlers...And SO fast...After an hour of that, I have two SUPER calm sleepy pitties just laying around the house for the rest of the day waiting for someone to come along and rub there belly or something...Not a peep out of them :)... But, (Real) dog fighting as a sport should be outlawed, and the people who organize it should be put in a cage with Fedor for 5 rounds of beatdown, then if they survive, they should be shot and left to rot where they fall. imo.
5/13/07 2:47 PM
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these "people" are fucking animals themselves and should be prosecuted and persecuted.
5/13/07 2:48 PM
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Shootfightermike -- see the thread on "Wolf Dog fighting" that I just ttt'd. It's nearly impossible to have a rational conversation about this, as people are highly emotionally attached to dogs and completely hypocritical about eating farmed meat -- as Bywaterflotsam just pointed out.
5/13/07 2:51 PM
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thx for the ttt and who am i to judge them?
5/13/07 2:55 PM
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I agree to the letter with everything TheMilkman said.
5/13/07 2:56 PM
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"In a dog fight, there are two willing participants" are you fucking retarded? How the fuck is a dog, or any animal a WILLING participant to fight another dog to the death?
5/13/07 2:56 PM
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I think it's disgusting. Some breeds have a natural instinct to fight other dogs. Fine. That does not make it okay for you to put two of those dogs in a ring and wager on which one kills or maims the other one first. Many dogs found in these people's care have been emaciated or physically abused. And even the dog fighters who do take good care of their dogs are still setting up a situation where their dog's life is endangered. For what, for a little bit of money? Sickening. Damn near as low as humanity can get.
5/13/07 2:56 PM
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I don't think breeding 'dog agressive' dogs is good for society at all. What if they get loose and find someone walking their weiner dog? I know that any gamedog owner can be responsible and keep their dog properly penned and walk them in secluded areas, but there are plenty of idiots who can ruin it for everyone. I just see no reason to breed a dog-agressive dog.
5/13/07 3:00 PM
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>It's nearly impossible to have a rational conversation about this, as people are highly emotionally attached to dogs and completely hypocritical about eating farmed meat -- as Bywaterflotsam just pointed out.

Bywater made a couple of good posts, but I didnt take that as his main point.

5/13/07 3:05 PM
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"i just dont know why some people like to watch animals fight to the death?" Dog fights are not to the death. Dogs do die, but dog fights by true dogmen are not a fight to the death. I do not participate in or condone dog fighting but I will say that hearing some of the uninformed nonsense on here is similar to the uniformed nonsense I have heard people say about MMA. Feel free to have a negative opinion about things but at least take the time to become informed before doing so and certainly before sounding off about it. "why would you breed a dog for "gameness" unless you were planning on fighting it or selling it to someone who will" "Why would you want to breed for "gameness" in the first place if you don't like the fighting? What exactly are these dogs being bread for? There is no need for gameness in a pet/companion or even a guard dog." Both of these posters clearly know very very little about pitbulls. Again take some time to educate your self before making such forcefull pronouncements. You are no different than the people who ignorantly bash MMA and make false claims about it. Again I am not defending dog fighting.
5/13/07 3:06 PM
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i am very reasonable but i dont judge prostitutes. i dont judge hunters. i dont even judge people who eat dogs and cats. thats my opinion
5/13/07 3:06 PM
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As long as the dogs are respectfully cared for, and the dogs themselves actually want to fight, I don't see the problem. The problem with fighting dogs is that the whole scene is underground and without regulation. Like MMA years ago. What it needs, for the dogs sake as well as the fans, is a sanctioning body to take it mainstream. Make it safer for the dogs and fans alike.
5/13/07 3:21 PM
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"mrfixit should probably be shot" I guess you don't agree that a sanctioning agency could help bring rules and standards into the dog fighting scene? Wouldn't it benefit the dogs? Or are you under the impression dog fighting can be stopped?
5/13/07 3:23 PM
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honest opinion is it is a cruel, ugly practice. ironically, i would enjoy dog owners fighting gamedogs and other wild animals. if they die, they die.
5/13/07 3:26 PM
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"soldat is delusional" What exactly did I say that is dillusional? I know that just saying I am is easier that making an actual contention, but please do tell.
5/13/07 3:27 PM
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Animal Fighting is plain sick, and should be illegalized globaly. Anyone who, puts his dog to fight should be put in jail.
5/13/07 3:30 PM
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First off, a person has a right to state an opinion about any practice they find offensive even if it is not an American who is doing it (as everyone knows, you can only be critical of America, no one else). This idea that everyone has to sit by and refrain from commenting for fear of someone else taking offense pisses me off. Secondly, I would never fight a dog. They might bite me.
5/13/07 3:30 PM
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Claiming I should be shot for suggesting a sanctioning body might make conditions better for the dogs shows me you're a little pissy about the subject.
5/13/07 3:44 PM
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Are you fucking serious right now? Anyone....and I mean anyone that is involved in dogfighting is a piece of shit. Those animals are treated so fucked up to be made into fighters. All there owners should be shot or beat to a pulp. I have a 15 month old gotti line pit and he is the sweetest animal I have ever met, I cant fathom the idea of any harm coming to him, especially intentially. I dont care if its the backyard kind or the so called "good guy" dog fighter, Id have a real hard time not kicking there teeth in if I came across some of these fucktards.