What if ... Anthony Pettis is a blue belt

9/3/13 1:23 PM
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Anthony Pettis is a blue belt


When the UFC debuted and was won by Royce Gracie, mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu were considered synonymous. But that was 20 years ago.

Benson Henderson was submitted by Anthony Pettis on Saturday, there were complaints on the part of some that Henderson did not deserve his black belt.


The charge is of course an absurdity, given the sterling reputation of Henderson's trainer John Crouch, Henderson's third place finish in Brown Belt at The Mundials, and the skills he has shown many times in the cage.

Mixed martial arts is made of wrestling, Muay Thai, BJJ, etc, but it is different from each - there is a lot more going on. That is why Jeremy Horn was able to take down Olympic wrestling alternate Randy Couture, Gabriel Gonzaga was able to send Mirko CroCop to the hospital with, ironically, a right high kick, and Anthony Pettis was able to submit Benson Henderson, although Pettis is apparently only a blue belt:

Guilherme Cruz ‏@guicruzzz
Anthony Pettis’ coach just told me he’ll promote the UFC champ to purple belt in jiu-jitsu next week. Yes, a blue belt submitted Henderson.

9/3/13 1:31 PM
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I've seen Henderson escape stuff that I never thought he would get out of in the past but it happens. Also, that armbar was on (Macho Man Randy Savage) "TIIIIGHT"... IMO it doesn't discredit Henderson's belt rank or grappling ability.
9/3/13 1:31 PM
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Belt rankings are silly
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1a1 - Belt rankings are silly
No. You're wrong. Phone Post
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Belts rankings in theory are supposed to indicate a level of skill or knowledge, however, in the real world people are often promoted for various other reasons. This is one of the reasons TMA become almost a laughing stock. The proof is in the ring not what holds up your pants.
9/3/13 1:39 PM
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Sidestepped to the wrong side
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That's one gifted blue belt. Phone Post 3.0