What if ... Anyone else think Conor looked bad?

7/19/14 7:55 PM
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In the Brimage fight, he was on his toes, in and out, using really good footwork and head movement, didn't look like he was forcing anything.

Even in the Holloway fight, with a busted knee, he was making the takedowns look effortless. That usually says to me someone is very relaxed and confident.

He looked really stiff tonight; wasn't using much footwork or head movement, was flat footed. Looked alot slower, and he ate some pretty good shots. before the finish it looked like they both were gassed. Conor looked to be braething heavy.

or did i make that all up? doesn't seem like too many people are talking about it. I've watched all his fights, and that looked by far the worst. could it have been his opponent or the pressure? I was sure he was going to get on the mic and say he injured himself again. thoughts?
7/19/14 7:57 PM
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NOPE...... Phone Post 3.0
7/19/14 8:00 PM
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so you guys think he was showing off his chin?

or that he could fight while hyperventilating?

or wanted to show a new level of flat footed combat?
7/19/14 8:01 PM
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I thought he looked fine considering the bump up in competition.

If he was off a bit, I'm sure the pressure to perform(mostly self imposed) was enormous!
7/19/14 8:06 PM
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I though he made it look easy and I know he didnt have it easy. I also thought there was a bit of cockiness in his fighting, but I am just a keyboard warrior and am probably mistaken.


Today I am sold on the McGregor hype as in its not hype. I don;t know how far this dude will go, but it will be far. He can fight, looks good going it, he can talk and above all else he can put asses in seats in a division that doesnt have a lot of fighters that can do that.



7/19/14 8:07 PM
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Knee surgery and layoff considered, I would honestly have to say he looked good, He completely dominated the fight.
7/19/14 8:11 PM
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don't get me wrong, i picked and rooted for McGreGoat, this isn't me trying to bash him.

I honestly thought he looked horrible though.

I just re-watched the fight again. He was definitely breathing heavy right before he hit the long straight right to the temple and dropped Brandao.

and right after they got up from the ground, connor was barely defending Brandao's flurry and got caught a few good times.
7/19/14 8:15 PM
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He was getting tagged in the Brimage fight. Wtf are you talking about. Phone Post 3.0
7/19/14 8:18 PM
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i miss the days when trolls were funny
7/19/14 8:19 PM
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Op is truly the worst 14er after watching him post for only a few days. Phone Post 3.0
7/19/14 8:20 PM
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Und1sputed - Op is truly the worst 14er after watching him post for only a few days. Phone Post 3.0


7/19/14 8:24 PM
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I wouldnt say mcgregor looked bad but he wasnt overly impressive.

Itll be a matter of time before he jumps into someone elses guard and gets subbed. Phone Post 3.0