What if ... Bitter Twitter Quarrel: Volkmann vs. WSoF

7/12/14 6:46 PM
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Bitter Twitter Quarrel: Volkmann vs. WSoF


Jacob Volkmann was released by the UFC after a single loss, presumably for a fighting style that is long on wrestling and short on moments that make the audience gasp "HOLY F@$%ING $#!@." He moved on to WSoF fighting, beating Lyle Beerbohm in July of last year, and losing to Luiz Firmino in October.

Volkmann, under contract to WSoF, was allowed to fight in regional shows, beating Danny White in April of this year, and losing to TJ O'Brien in May.

He was recently released by the WSoF, and took to Twitter to criticize his former employer.

Jacob Volkmann @JacobVolkmann
•Before signing with @MMAWorldSeries read my next few texts. @ufc @BellatorMMA
•2 days before i signed with @MMAWorldSeries i received a text from Ali, the longest distance between fights is 4-5 mo. @ufc @BellatorMMA
•My last fight with @MMAWorldSeries was october. 8 months ago! @ufc @BellatorMMA
•Sept 24 @MMAWorldSeries had an opponent for Oct but would only give it to me for $6k/$6k and my contract was $9k/$9k or no fight. @ufc
•Then @MMAWorldSeries said if i fight for $6k/$6k Oct i would also get Jan, but went back on that. @ufc @BellatorMMA
•Getting fed up with Ali, i contacted shawn lampman to set up fights and told him what was happening. @ufc @MMAWorldSeries @BellatorMMA
•On Nov 1, shawn said i would fight Jan, but would only do $6k/$6k when my contract was $9k/$9k. @MMAWorldSeries @ufc @BellatorMMA
•Shawn kept saying he would get me someone for Jan, until Jan 13. NO OPPONENT! @MMAWorldSeries @ufc @BellatorMMA
•Shawn felt bad about situation, and gave me $3k for no opponent on Jan 18. @MMAWorldSeries @ufc @BellatorMMA
•Time for fighters to unite/unionize. @ufc @MMAWorldSeries @BellatorMMA

WSoF executive VS and matchmaker Ali Abdelaziz responded quickly and pointedly, also via Twitter.

 Ali Abdelaziz @AliAbdelaziz00
•wsof give you 3 fights i11 months we give you extra money on the side to take care of your family you are no longer with wsof
•wsof released to fight TJ O Brian he finished you in a small show wsof have no interest good luck with your career

Abdelaziz expanded on his remarks in an interview with John Morgan for MMAJunkie.

“This entire situation is ridiculous,” said Abdelaziz. “We went out of out way to give Jacob Volkmann money without even fighting. And now he’s attacking us on Twitter? If he needs a release letter, call me and ask for a release letter. I let him take those other two fights, no problem, and after he lost to T.J. O’Brien, I told him we didn’t need him anymore. He knew I was releasing him. It drives me crazy to think about how we went out of our way to help him, and now he wants to attack us and tarnish our reputation.

“Jacob Volkmann started all of this propaganda because he wants to go to Bellator. He can go to Bellator. They can have all of our rejects.”

Volkmann's manager Monte Cox said that Volkmann was fielding offers from multiple promotions including Bellator, and that they wanted a formal letter from WSoF indicating the fighter had been released.

7/12/14 6:56 PM
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How did they get him three fights in 11 months? He only fought in the WSoF twice. They gave the guy money outside of fighting because they were not giving him enough fights to earn a living. A number of fighters have had the same complaint with them.

It seems as though their roster is too heavy for the number of events they can put on throughout the year. Where it be heavy in terms of the number of fighters or heavy in terms of payroll, I don't know, but these guys are asking to work. Give them work.

It seems like a scumbag move to take shots at a guy for asking for work. IMO, Ray Sefo needs to drop this guy. This isn't his first offense.