What if ... Breast Choke?

3/7/14 9:48 PM
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If there were a wmma fighter with particularly pendulous breasts, would it be legal for her, from back mount, to flop out a hog and use it for a rear naked? That would actually be some pretty innovative offense, ie, she could use the breast in concert with one hand to choke, and still have a free hand with which to strike.
3/7/14 9:58 PM
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Sounds legit. Phone Post 3.0
3/7/14 10:01 PM
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Ch1ef - Sounds legit. Phone Post 3.0

The more I think about it, it wouldn't even necessarily have to be a woman. A male fighter could deliberately and rapidly gain then lose weight, being certain to avoid any moisturizers, and end up with any number of extra, useable appendages.

Perhaps this could mean the rejuvenation of Anderson's career. He could use this off time to truly become "The Spider."
3/7/14 10:04 PM
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Wtfareyoudoingcat.gif Phone Post 3.0
3/7/14 10:06 PM
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Paul_Blanka_Harris - Wtfareyoudoingcat.gif Phone Post 3.0

Bees are in the what now?
3/8/14 5:05 AM
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Lol, I know that you were high and watching porn when you came up with the titty submission choke. Phone Post 3.0