What if ... Cindy O - who are you?

7/22/14 4:35 PM
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Title kind of self evident. Imho my take on it is that you are in the know + are an actual female.

What is your story?

7/22/14 4:53 PM
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7/22/14 4:59 PM
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She is a stand up UGer and an asset to the forum. Phone Post 3.0
7/22/14 5:05 PM
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CD check your PM's please

7/22/14 5:18 PM
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RickStorm - 

CD check your PM's please

Thanks. I honestly don't remember much that is going on here. I literally remember some 10 folks here, after having spent most of my adult life here... I remebmer TapeLord, MM, Kirik, Sabrurat and the fish guy and some others, but other than that it is all blank.

I get your sentiment and will back away from this thingy. Judging from my alzheimer presense, Cindy O is good people. But, since I don't remember much here, she might be the devil as far as I know. :)