What if ... Dolph Ziggler

1/8/13 1:20 AM
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Couldn't think of an MMA name to ask about like the other 3 guys.

1/8/13 4:29 PM
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If he wanted to, he would be the best at 205 in UFC.  Orton as well.


They would rather make good money though and be international stars. 

1/8/13 4:56 PM
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Everyone talks about how CM Punk would do well in MMA, but I just don't see it. He's moves slow at times.

1/8/13 7:22 PM
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No, Punk would not be as great in MMA as pro wrestling.  He has a great mind for wrestling and that is why he has done so well.


People also talk about how Rampage Jackson would be great in WWE.  He doesn't have the work ethic and would be fired in a few months.

1/8/13 8:42 PM
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Professional wrestling is a different world from MMA. People see physique and automatically associate it with athleticism.

1/29/13 2:50 AM
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Dolph (Nick) is a good friend of mine. Was an amazing wrestler at St.Eds then later Kent State where we went. I dunno if he has that killer instict to fight, but definitely the ability to pick up the sport. Make real money now tho and livin the dream.
1/29/13 3:22 PM
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Does he like having to keep his hair bleached?

1/29/13 4:28 PM
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It was always REAL blonde, dunno if he always bleached it. But yea, there's no question now.
1/29/13 5:26 PM
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I remember watching Raw one night, and he had cut his hair, had his hair dark brown. I figured he was gonna stick with it, but then he bleached it the next week.

What was that all about?

1/29/13 5:32 PM
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Not sure. My partner at work told me the exact same thing you just did (I never get to watch it).