What if ... Eddie Alvarez sued by Bellator

1/7/13 3:05 PM
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Eddie Alvarez sued by Bellator


Eddie Alvarez appeared recently on The MMA Hour and said contract negotiations with Bellator went over a cliff.

Everyone's heard that Bellator has match and whatnot. it's a difficult situation. We went to settlement a couple days ago. We had a settlement meeting where everything was supposed to get worked out. I was sued maybe 30 minutes after that. There's a lot of tension in the air.

We don't believe it was matched at all. I wanted to give details but I can't because we're in the middle of a pending lawsuit. If I want to go to dinner with one guy and another guy asked me to dinner. If the attention of one guy is to take me to a fine dining restaurant and the other guy wants to take me to McDonald's, guy #2 just thinks dinner's dinner.

They're going to the media and saying they matched the offer, but in our opinion they didn't match at all. The terms are not the same.

If this goes in front of anyone in court, they're going to see that this is not a match. The truth is this is disappointing. I gave a lot to Bellator and I don't get much back in return.

If it was a match I'd be more than happy to honor the contract. I would have no problem going to fight for Bellator. I'd love to fight the Ben Henderson's and Gil Melendez's. The issues has to do with being fair. The contract says at the end we get to match this contract. I said yes to that 4 years ago. In our eyes it is not a match. This is the difference of a lot of money.

It's up to the court now, man. I'm being sued. it's going up before a judge. I think it will become very clear.

it wasn't a Hector Lombard deal, but it was a good deal. And I consider a much bettor deal than what Bellator's offering.

Tried to make an offer to make it fair. We offered a number, it was less than projected UFC offer. The conversation was over in less tha a minute, like "No way". It wasn't a half hour after that that I had a lawsuit.

This has been most violent, most tactical, most heartless battle I have ever been I and I don't have gloves or a mouthpiece in.

1/7/13 3:06 PM
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This should be good
1/7/13 3:12 PM
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Looks like Bellator matched the base pay without all the extra bonuses the UFC pays. Hopefully he wins his case and we see him fight again soon.

1/7/13 3:13 PM
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Fuck bellator. Phone Post
1/7/13 3:23 PM
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Everyone knew the terms would be the sticking point, they are a lot harder to match than pure numbers, and can equal out to a great deal of money as well.