What if ... Either This Site is Fucked Up or....

1/31/14 10:21 AM
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A mod is deleting my responses in threads. Either one is fucked up. You may not like what I have to say but censoring me is beyond fucked up.
1/31/14 10:26 AM
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The Walter Williams minimum wage thread has shrunk significantly. It looks like someone is deleting Munk's posts and our responses to them.
1/31/14 10:49 AM
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As much as I think Munk is an idiot and not a really worthwhile contributor here I don't think deleting or censoring him is the way to go.
1/31/14 11:49 AM
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disbeliever - If you would read your PMs you would have your answer. You and Munk took a good discussion on both sides and turned it into a petty name calling argument between you two, taking the therad off topic.

Also, stop spam posting your copy and paste talking points, that throw name calling and insults at people out, in a dozen threads.

No one is "censoring you"

PM's, LOL You think I actually read those? Since I have no ability to respond via them (read only) they are worthless to me, and I will not pay just to have that functionality. What you are calling spam is germane to the discussion. As for name calling & insults, MUNK attacks and insults me on sight as do several other conservitard posters here - Internettuffguy for one, who actually attacks me personally - where is your outrage and censorship of him?

So you are showing at the minimum favoritism for those whose opinions you agree with and attempting to silence those you disagree with. That is most definitely censorship.
1/31/14 11:54 AM
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BTW pointing out that Munk is completely ignorant in regards to a simple political fact is a completely valid technique. It is called credibility.
1/31/14 12:13 PM
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It was pointed out that Munk's posts were being deleted. Which I still think is fucked up. So I will apologize for accusing you of favoritism, but that doesn't diminish the validity of my other comment in regards to personal attacks.

You took it upon yourself to delete something that was germane to the topic in the other threads because you considered them spam. As for the insults they were only in the one thread. Unless you consider the term "knucklehead" an insult. I see it more as true statement about certain posters thick headedness.