What if ... Give Joe a break, he fought the worlds fastest man

8/18/13 11:48 PM
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I know I know, "it was a fight not a foot race." Sure but that kind of sprinters fast twitch easily translates into superior hand speed. "But Usain Bolt is the fastest man." He's won more races but Johnson still holds the MPH record at top speed. I know we're not talking about running but the guys fucking fast, and everybody only wants to rag on joe right now for not getting his rythym going and no ones even mentioning that he fought the fastest man ever clocked. Phone Post
8/18/13 11:49 PM
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Lame Phone Post
8/18/13 11:51 PM
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Donovan Bailey
8/19/13 2:09 AM
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He should wear gold fight shorts. Phone Post 3.0
8/19/13 2:48 AM
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UGCTT_Messiah - He should wear gold fight shorts. Phone Post 3.0
Agreed, but his demeanor since coming over to mma seems a little more thuggish, leaving the past in the past I suppose Phone Post
8/19/13 8:43 AM
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Wow... Source? Phone Post
8/19/13 1:06 PM
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Kevin bacon - Wow... Source? Phone Post
Atlanta 1996 Phone Post 3.0
8/19/13 2:23 PM
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Kevin Bacon does not support his Olympic athletes, stunning realization. Phone Post