What if ... Goldie - last 12 months?

12/29/12 6:22 AM
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Could one of my fellow UG brethren post some pics of Goldie over the past year? I've heard comments that he has looked worse with each passing event.

In the back of my head I had been thinking he was starting to look "old". As if he had started aging (make up tends to slow aging). My first thought was it was just him getting older, now it's got me thinking is it his health?

Thoughts? (And pics!!!) Phone Post
12/29/12 6:30 AM
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If Johnny friggin' Carson can be replaced by Jay Leno, then anyone can be replaced. Yeah I'm that old. Phone Post
12/29/12 7:15 AM
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Anyone can be replaced that's for sure.

Still hoping to see some comparison pics over the last few UFCs. Phone Post
12/29/12 8:07 AM
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12/29/12 9:20 AM
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Sub Phone Post
12/29/12 9:29 AM
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Now: http://staticmedia.fuel.tv.edgesuite.net/img/FuelTV/90/95/Preview_UFConFX6_Plat_640x360_11907139908.jpg

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12/29/12 9:31 AM
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No need to be disrespectful.