What if ... I took weed, acid, mdma, in one day AMA

5/11/13 6:03 PM
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Last weekend I dropped acid, then took some weed to enhance the trip, then that evening "candyflipped" with mdma. I took tramadol and weed the next day. Some crazy crazy shit happened. I have never made an AMA thread before, but my ban just got removed (I think I inadvertantly fighter bashed Overeem and Hari's appearance, it was in jest, no offence intended) so I thought I'd get back into the swing of this thing...


5/11/13 6:03 PM
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wrong forum, sh*t

5/11/13 6:05 PM
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AMA < WFA Phone Post
5/11/13 6:06 PM
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Or WFA Phone Post
5/11/13 6:17 PM
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"Took some weed?" Are you "not a cop?" Phone Post
5/11/13 6:20 PM
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Great way to come back! Phone Post 3.0
5/11/13 6:21 PM
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Well aren't you a big, strong boy?


Yes you are!


Oh yes you are!


5/11/13 6:30 PM
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Can we party? Phone Post 3.0
5/11/13 6:31 PM
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Weed doesn't enhance an acid high. It's just wasting it Phone Post 3.0
5/11/13 6:31 PM
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despite the faggy name, candy flipping was always my favorite kind of high when I was young and partying every weekend
5/11/13 6:33 PM
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Questioning OP's legitness for saying "taking weed", and for putting candyflipping in quotes.

5/11/13 6:37 PM
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Did you take it all rectally?
5/11/13 6:42 PM
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i am calling the police.


please post your address

5/11/13 6:47 PM
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Because you wrote took weed I know this is bull no pothead or drug user of any sort would say that go back to bible studies and stop acting cool Phone Post
5/11/13 7:10 PM
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I know what you're all saying. Yeah yeah it's a bullshit story. He said took weed, he has a faggy name, etc etc. Well the name is a lurker name relating to the amateur mma guys I used to train with, but thought I would give back and get a blue name last year. And "took weed" yeah, I was just typing it out quick, but honestly I'm not "hardcore" at all, I don't take a lot of drugs. I usually try something once or twice then leave it. I smoke weed once or twice a month, tops, and I'm not a huge fan. 

This honestly isn't bull. And the results were disastrous. It was the worst week of my life so far. Luckily I had supportive people around me to keep an eye on me and give me the reassurance I needed.

Sorry about the WFA etc. 

5/11/13 7:13 PM
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For more info, here is the OG thread:


Thanks again.

5/11/13 10:34 PM
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Did u ever try WFA? Phone Post 3.0
5/11/13 10:48 PM
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smoked 2 g of meth, railed an 8ball of coke and shot heroin into my forehead


5/11/13 10:54 PM
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No Drone?
5/11/13 10:56 PM
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BigSleep - No Drone?

6 via suppositories


5/12/13 1:59 AM
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THC, LSD, MDMA and WFA all in the one day! FUBAR! Phone Post 3.0