What if ... If Dana died tomorrow, how would you feel?

7/14/14 9:53 AM
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I would feel a great loss in the sense that an important charismatic figure in MMA had left us.

I would also feel sad of course for his family, especially his children.

Major commemoration and respect would be appropriate from across the MMA community, from friend and for alike.

However I would also feel great optimism that the sport could move on to bigger and better things without him holding it back. The era during which Dana White was a much-needed figure have passed us by. Like a Founder-CEO of a start up who should pass the reigns into professional management post IPO, Dana's job is done and it's time for fresh blood. Phone Post 3.0
7/14/14 9:58 AM
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Eh Phone Post 3.0
7/14/14 9:59 AM
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es normal
7/14/14 10:00 AM
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I guess kind of it is what it is.

7/14/14 10:07 AM
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I wouldn't call him charismatic. But yeah
7/14/14 10:15 AM
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Creepy thread is creepy.
7/14/14 10:17 AM
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Jesus Christ..why make a thread like this, OP? Are you in your dark place? Phone Post 3.0
7/14/14 10:24 AM
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Is that you GSP? Phone Post 3.0
7/14/14 10:27 AM
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This is a bad way to say You think Dana is no longer needed.

I think we need the bald father.
He isn't the face all MMA wants, but the face MMA needs. Phone Post 3.0
7/14/14 10:30 AM
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I'd be concerned. He's perfect for the sport and perfect for the UFC. Dana, Lorenzo, and Frank are the perfect combo of a perfect storm.
7/14/14 10:39 AM
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Terrible thread.

I want Dana to live for 200 years. UFC 1000 Brock Lesner the IV, vs Dan Henderson
7/14/14 10:40 AM
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Just reading the first two paragraphs the third was predictable.

Perhaps if you just said, "if Dana was gone tomorrow", then you could have skipped all the candy coating and got to your point.

That being said, the UFC is better off with Dana White at the helm imo. The day he goes is the day they have to hire 4 people to do all he does. Phone Post 3.0
7/14/14 10:50 AM
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Seeing as how he has provided jobs for thousands of people, done countless good deeds when it comes to paying for medical bills etc. yes he would be missed. Phone Post 3.0