What if ... Is it weird that i would hulk smash...

10/9/13 1:25 AM
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Requel Pennington...

I would absolutely wreck that chick...

Although i read that she plays from the away team...Erich mend I'm shit outta luck...

Unless she reads this, lemme get them digits requel, we can go five rounds....in the sheets, got dayum Phone Post
10/9/13 1:29 AM
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Even though I'm 99.9% sure she would beat my ass, I'd still hit dat ass Phone Post
10/9/13 1:40 AM
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I assume the lack of response means im in fact, not weird Phone Post
10/20/13 7:24 PM
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Shes real cute.


10/21/13 2:05 PM
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And she can't beat up bullies for me too Phone Post